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Women in music - Style Post

Hey Guys,

As promised in my last post here is the second part to my film shoot with Betsy. 

For this look we went for a much more rough and 'urban' styling. In my head I think I was pretending I'm so cool female solo artist like Charli xcx or someone. I wish !

As you know I have a pretty varied music taste ranging from early 2000s pop punk to 80s new wave and here was a time when I'd say 90% of the artists I listened to were men. Just looking at the 2000s emo culture pretty much the only woman we had to look up to was Hayley Williams (who is still just as inspiring) and there are a few more women in that genre now such as Lynn Gunn of Pvris but its such a male dominated genre of music that women are treated so differently. 
Then looking at the older music I listen to again its mainly men the likes of The Cure, Talking Heads, Hall & Oates, Prince and more. A while back I sat down looked from my Apple music and realised that the only female artists I really listened to was Carole King, Blondie, Alanis Morissette, Joni Mitchell and Dolly Parton.  

This is obviously partly due to my own lack of variety in who I listen to and not going out of my way to discover new artists earlier however its also linked to the way the media treats female musicians but most importantly the kind of opportunities they are given and how they differ to those of male musicians. For example the control some agents and producers have over every part of the female musicians process from songwriting to the clothes they wear, obviously the happens to male musicians on some level.

Top - Zara / Fishnet top - Zara / Trousers - Bershka at ASOS / Nike air max - borrowed from my housemate.

So as I mentioned as I became increasingly conscious of the lack of female musicians in my music taste, I tried to find more female musicians but the last year or so its become increasingly easier so I thought I'd share with you so of my favourite female musicians I am adoring right now.

Hinds - I've mentioned in a few previous blog posts (here) are a really cool Spanish four piece girl group who have super catchy pop vocals. A few of my favourite songs by them include I'll be your man and I will send your flowers back.

Charli XCX - Has been around for a while now, I think her first big song was featuring on Fancy with Iggy Azalea but 2017 was such a great year for Charli XCX between releasing both Number 1 Angel and more recently Pop 2 and the single Boys with that iconic video she has been on repeat all year.

Jorja Smith - Is someone who I've only recently discovered as she released a collaboration with Stormzy titled Let me down, which is such a beautiful song but also listen to Blue lights which is so poignant. Jorja is gonna to such a star already on the cover of so many magazines and winning awards at the BRITS.

GIRLI - Is a super underrated singer who released an EP, titled Hot Mess last year, she has such a girl power ethos (as all of these women do) through her lyrics. What I adore about GIRLI is her unique approach to electronic pop that's balanced with rap and punk spirit. Her songs cover all of my favourite topics about gender quality, mean girls, boys and societal pressures.

Dua Lipa - When New Rules was released last summer it was just everywhere and quickly became the first solo female single to hit UK number one in over 2 years which is a shocking stat. New Rules is a super catchy song with super relatable lyrics but I thought it was just a generic pop song but once I gave the album a full listen I fell in love with this girl some of my favourites on the album are Thing 'bout you, homesick and blow your mind (Mwah). The BRITS happened this Wednesday which is partly what inspired me to write this post, Dua Lipa made history this year with the most nominations for a female solo artist ever and took home two of these awards. She also gave an amazing speech (watch it here) in which she speaks about how inspiring the women who had been on that stage before her were and not just to female musician and it summed up for me how she is changing the music industry for women.

Lorde - Again I'm pretty sure I've spoken about my love for Lorde multiple times on here. I first loved Lorde back in 2013 with the single Royals which was repeated everywhere that summer but in 2017 she took it to a whole new level with the masterpiece of an album. Melodrama has quickly become one of my favourite albums of all time, it has stand out singles like Green light for the radio and to play at pre drinks but it is also so special to play in order. It tells such a beautiful story in that way she described it has being the story of a house party while also going through the stage of a relationship, I used to be slightly bitter of Lorde's talent as she is the same age as me and she can put into words exactly how certain things feel, especially when it comes to dating at this young age in ways I could never explain.

There are also so many other people I could talk about such as Bulow, Mabel, Sigrid, Chastity belt etc but I've also made a spotify playlist to go alongside this post with loads more artists like this featured, find it here. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and the photoshoot. Please suggest in the comments some more artists like this I should check out xo

Love Charlotte

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