Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Hinds for UO and Gucci vibes - Style post

Hey guys,

Top - Hinds for Urban Outfitters
Trousers - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Primark

Hinds have been one of my favourite bands (a dreamy Spanish girl band, go check them out) for a few years now so when they released a collection of merch with Urban outfitters I was desperate to get something from the collection. I used to live in band tees and graphic t-shirts just teamed with skinny jeans back when I was a pre-teen but in the recent years I just leave them for PJs but now I am so inspired by making band t-shirts stylish. Whether it be teamed with check trousers (Megan Ellaby I'm looking at you), with a velvet skirt or culottes I'm obsessed with this top and am probably going to be buying a lot more graphic tees than normal at the moment. I think this whole outfit has probably been inspired by Megan Ellaby tbh if you follow her on Instagram or watch her YouTube you'll probably know there's been a lot of check trousers and Gucci loafers at the moment. 
It's a rare moment for me to find trousers that aren't jeans that I love to style and find comfy to wear but these have done it, think its the elasticated waist that made it for me.
Now these shoes were another one of my Primark sale finds reduced to £3 god knows why they are in the sale already as everyone is looking for Gucci dupes at the moment, such a bright daring colour so I'm not sure how often I'll be wearing them but we all know I love the metallic shoe trend that I'm refusing to let end. 

We took these photos after a trip to Falmouth's Maritime museum on a rainy day last week, hence the messy hair but hope you enjoyed this look. I'm loving doing more outfit posts at the moment. 

Love Charlotte

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