Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My 19th Birthday at Trebah Gardens - Lifestyle post

Hey guys

So nearly two weeks ago now (4/5/17) was my 20th birthday. This is only my second birthday away from home so I'm still used to my mum going all out but this year my best gals put her to shame and came over in the morning, decorated my lounge and provides a danish pastry and mimosa or tow for breakfast whitest I opened all my cards and presents.

Then after going to vote in the local elections of course we headed to Trebah Gardens which is still technically in Falmouth but along the helford river and near one of my favourite beaches. Trebah is 26 acre's of sub tropical gardens including an amphitheatre and a private beach.  Of course we accidentally found the kids play park first and spent too long on the zip wire but after that its so easy to follow the gardens down to the beach while seeing everything on the way.


 Everywhere I looked there was so many different vibrant colours it was just so beautiful.

The view from the top lawns with a little view of the sea in.


The water gardens / the cheesiest photo of the whole day 

We had a change of plans with the meal out as my original plan was to go back to the Ferryboat inn near Trebah but just as we got there at 3pm lunch service had finished so we drove back into Falmouth to try the Little red rooster dinner which was so nice. We each got a burger then got fries, sweet potato fries with mac and cheese to share which was all great and amazing value. 

 We ended the day in typical style with a great pre drinks which included lots of gin, George Michael and a game that was basically 'beat the intro' but with kazoos before heading into town .

I tried to keep this not too photo heavy ( we got SO many pictures at trebah gardens). I hope you enjoyed this lil look at how I was spoilt this year (Thanks again to my best friends for treating me). I have done this kinda post for the last few years here is my 18th and 19th birthday posts. I also normally do a present haul post but it would be more of a haul anyway as most of my family just gave me money so I'm not sure about that this year.

Thanks ! P.S Head to my pinned tweet (@afashionoddity) for a quick giveaway to celebrate hitting 1K Instagram followers and then keep an eye out for another one in June on here.

Love Charlotte

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