Monday, 6 March 2017

Shoptagr / Shopping tips

Hey Guys,

I briefly mentioned a few posts ago that I wanted to start a 'new blog series' by that I mean just a number of posts taking about my shopping habits because all my friends always comment on how I'm such a bargain hunter or getting out my vouchers and I hardly ever pay full price for anything so why not start sharing my tips?

SO the first tip I want to share with you all is an amazing platform that I discovered a few months ago called Shoptagr. Which I now use most days. When I first understood the concept I thought it was great but wouldn't actually stick with using it or it would just be too complicated to get anything out of anything but this isn't the case at all.

Once I set it up with the widget in my browser as you are browsing any online shopping website you can just click the shoptagr logo and the clothing item will be saved to you shoptagr page.

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SO this is where it gets really useful as it has more than one use.
- You are saving all these clothes into a wishlist (you can view mine here), personally ASOS is the best site for keeping a wishlist but this is your wishlist for every store combined into one place and you have the option to share it aka email it to family members when ma birthday is coming up or on social media.
- Now this is why I began using it because as I said I hardly ever buy anything full price (obviously there are boring essentials I probably pay full price for) but this is definitely true with clothes. I spend days shopping with mum or friends saying "Oh that's lush, Ill keep an eye out for that in the sale" but 9 times out of 10 I'll forget about the item or will just never see it again because of how fast the in-store turnover and stock change is now. So the beauty of shoptagr is once you've added an item to your account / lists you'll get an notification when there is any discount on it!!! basically my dream!!
- Another thing it can notify you on is if something as sold out and then when its back in stock which is also so useful.

You homepage, clear view of all the items you've tagged and easy to search / share lists and then click through to actually buy the item 

The notification tab, for me I don't get notified too often in my browser but obviously this is purely depending on how much you are tagging. 
Shoptagr is great for me and it does exactly what they aimed as it saves so much time and money when it comes to online shopping, I just know to hold off and wait for something to be reduced which can be ask quick as 3/4 weeks at the moment I barely do online shopping at the moment (student lyf and all) but I can imagine how annoying it would be to order something that in your list and then a few days later, maybe even before the package has arrived you get the notification from Shoptagr that its now half price, why do that to yourself guys.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are looking forward of these style posts, let me know in the comments if you do try Shoptagr .

Love Charlotte

P.S as hard as it maybe to believe this post is not sponsored by Shoptagr, I have spoken to them about it and they were involved to an extent but only because I contact them letting them know I wanted to write about it.

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