Saturday, 17 December 2016

Friendsfest 2016 - lifestyle post

Hey Guys,

This is overly belated and now a bit of a throwback post to this summer but I wanted to get it up anyway. In the summer I was surprised by my uncle and his girlfriend with tickets to Friendsfest in London, he introduced me to Friends roughly 8 years ago now and he is the biggest friends fan I know. Friendsfest is an annual festival dedicated to the sitcom.

We had stayed the night before in a hotel in Bethnal green but I had never been to London over the hottest weekend of the year and I was not prepared for the humid, sticky heat (aka. warning at how hideous I look in all the pictures) 
This year was the first year it was held outside as an outdoor festival with all the sets surrounding the main stage. 

THE MOST ICONIC DOOR IN TV HISTORY everyone fangirled so much. 
The Monica's apartment is the only are that is ticketed with a set time so you walk around in a group with only ten minutes so its a mad rush to take in the fact you are in Monica's apartment and get good photos.

Recreating that scene when Rachel sits crying looking out at the rain and Ross requests U2 on the radio (ya know)

Had to be done! 

A few references to episodes hidden in the fridge comment which episodes some of these foods refer too.

Joey and Chandler's apartment wasn't an actual set room but it tied in with the pub area aptly named 'The duck and the chick' with the seating area obviously being lots of 'Lazy boy' chairs and foozball tables.

Phoebe's grandmothers taxi !

Now we enter the most iconic coffee shop on TV (again maybe not a fact that its THE most iconic ever but its for sure a contender)

Sometimes all we dream of is performing smelly cat to a live audience in the real Central Perk and I got to live this dream (yep the mic and guitar was all plugged in, some people did amazingly confident and funny impressions of Phoebe's performances)
You could also go behind the counter and get into character / become Gunther.

Basically how much can I fangirl in one blog post?

This was a little stand with costumes to recreate the Vegas wedding between Ross ans Rachel.

Recreating the opening sequence.

All of the different sets (the only other one I havent shown was a silent disco which was based around the New Year episode with Ross and Monica's routine) and refreshment vans (which are all pretty cool references for example the desserts stand was centred around Mocklate, the burgers was a Moondance dinner theme etc) are all centred around the stage which plays episodes and is used throughout the day for entertainment (for example smelly cat karaoke competitions) 

I can't explain how grateful I am for my Uncle taking us and just what an amazing day it is. If you are at all a fan of the show, try and get tickets next year (usually sell out pretty quick).
If you are a fan or not I hope you enjoyed this post and apologises for being vague with any references but I kind of assumed everyone has seen every episode 50 times as well. 

Love Charlotte

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