Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Cool Tones - Style post!

Hey Guys,

Hat: Select
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Jeans: Next
Coat: New Look
Bag: Next
Necklace: A Jewellery and accessory store that used to be in Cardiff

I am so happy with the photos for this post. They are the first ones we took with my new DSLR and we actually went out, found a cool backdrop and I felt like a proper style blogger. This is the kinda of thing I wanted to blog about when I first started this "Fashion blog". So I hope you enjoy and fingers crossed this can be a more common thing (I am aiming to get outfit posts up weekly now).

This is my winter coat which I had as my main present last year and teamed with this hat I always feel very chic in it. I never used to like turtle necks but I have been living in this on recently. I also wear this necklace with 95% of my simple outfits and dresses. It looks amazing on top of a chunky jumper or with a LBD.

Thanks for reading. 
Love Charlotte


  1. You look gorgeous in that hat! If only I could wear hats. My head is too big. I too love the pictures in this post! Very proper style blogger :)

  2. Love it! I look forward to seeing more posts like this! :) x

  3. Eve Clune-Clarkson7 January 2015 at 21:25

    whenever you want to have more photos taken like these you know where i am !!! :) looking flyyy

  4. You look stunning hun I love your style. xox

  5. I really like all the photos! The background is really cool as well, especially the gold graffiti. I've always seen those hats in black but never in blue. It looks really nice in that colour and matches your jacket nicely. You looks gorgeous! :)


  6. Lovely photos :) Effortlessly cool indeed! Love the light blue hat, you really suit it Emma xx

  7. Aw thank you! Everyone can wear hats. Ah thanks thats so good to hear haha x

  8. Thank you aw awesome!! Thanks Jodie x

  9. Whoop thanks babe! ah

  10. Aw thank you so much. :D xox

  11. Aw thanks Niki, I agree we knew as soon as we saw the lane the rude gold graffiti would be perfect. Ah yeah I saw a lot of dark red wine colours but yeah none like this. Thank you xox

  12. Thank you. Aw thank you so much xx