Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Mind the Gap - Style Post

Hey Guys,

Jumper - Gap
Jeans - Gap
Belt - Primark / my mate made me get this belt by telling me it was very 'Johnny Depp'
Boots - Primark

Gap has been one of those high street brands that I have a weird a relationship with, by this I mean I love the brand so much yet never actually shop there or even go in store. I have great memories of Gap kids from being a child. My mum and her good friend were both obsessed with Gap for the kids clothes. I remember moving from Bristol to Caerphilly and not seeing this friend who was like an "Auntie" to me as much but like clock work before my birthday a big gift box from Gap would arrive with an outfit would arrive from her, usually very pink frilly and I lot of cardigans I remember hating at the time. Also for the Gap hoodie which every kid at some point had one which they lived in, I remember mine so well was a light blue with the navy gap logo and I wore it non stop.
That's what I loved about gap was the childhood memories I associate with the brand and the iconic pieces we all have from them but it hasn't been some where I really thought about shopping for myself as an "adult"/ teen.

But recently they've made their way back onto my radar, I mean did you all see the amazing #doyou campaign with some of my fave bloggers (Including Megan Ellaby and Leanne from Thunder and threads ).

Then last semester at uni we had an amazing guest lecture from a marketing coordinator at gap. Which was just amazing other than taking about her role and marketing in general we had a history of the brand which was so cool how they started in San Francisco targeted at teens, stocking lots of denim brands as well as records. We also talked a lot about the current love for nostalgia and there current limited collection which has been re-releasing some of their most iconic pieces from the 90s and again the campaign is amazing (not just because Naomi Campbell features). This talk put gap back in my mind to browse when online shopping and I have been missing out. In the run up to Christmas especially the offers they were running were insane which as we all know by now is probably the main thing I look for when shopping. On the homepage there was a lucky draw for various vouchers or prizes and we got a 30% off everything, then I automatically went to the sale looking at essentials and decided to try some mom style jeans and these ones were in the sale from around £45 to like £18 and then we had the 30% off and all I know is in the end I paid £8.99 for these jeans which is just amazing for gap quality. Mum and I had made a few online orders by this point with all the discount codes we were getting and have now started going into the store in Cardiff again when we spotted this jumper in the sale and fell in love, there was only one left in an XXS so we were gutted but I tried it on anyone because it didn't look that small (since got it online in the XS but it is actually meant to be a super oversized tunic so this fit is much better for me). I remember saying to mum on the way to town that I did not need to buy any more knitwear that day but I am just sucker for this colour combination of Purple, pink and blues (if you couldn't tell by my hair.....speaking of my hair I randomly decided to cut a few inches off the length myself the other evening and it actually went alright ? and I'm loving have shorter hair again).

Not sure how this post has turned out so long but hope you enjoyed, I swear this post is not in collaboration with gap I've just been obsessed recently !

Love Charlotte

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