Thursday, 26 February 2015

American flags and an unlikely style icon - Style post!

Hey Guys,

Jacket - Select 
Jumper - Fashion Union
Jeans - Tk Maxx (brand Kill City)
Boots - Deichman 

I love this outfit and have been wearing it loads this winter to college.If you follow me on twitter @afashionoddity you must know by now when it comes to All Time Low (comment if you love them too, also comment if you have no idea who they are) I turn into one of those annoying fangirls. Just over two weeks ago I finally after about 6 years of waiting got to see them live in Cardiff on their first UK arena tour with my other favourite band You me at six (best night of my life) so ATLs music photographer Adam Elmakias is insane I mean....

Just wow!!

So during the week they were all in the UK for the tour all over Adam's twitter were amazing photos for the shows and backstage and this one of Alex Gaskarth broke the fandom. We all fell in love with those Docs and I need that leather jackets. So I was discussing with some fellow fans how we are taking style inspiration from a band front-man and then I remember this is not the first time. If you are at all familiar with ATL I'm sure you will recognise these jeans he practically lives in (he wore them the whole of wrapped in 2012 I think)

Everyone wanted a pair and luckily I found something similar one day last year in my Tk-Maxx (or Tj Maxx in the US) for only a tenner so they not be an exact dupe but of course I got them. 

So long story short I Charlotte Anstee a fashion lover, future fashion student (hopefully) takes fashion inspiration from Alex Gaskarth somehow!

Do you have any weird fashion inspirations let me know in the comments. (The 14 year old obsessive fangirl in me is imagining if Alex or Adam read this....not even sorry) 

Hope you enjoyed this slightly different outfit post. 

Love Charlotte


  1. love, love, love All Time Low. just had to say.

    Hayley \\ City&Code

  2. same,same,same!!! Thank you x

  3. hey, love this post and All Time Low. what are you favourite songs by them and what are your other All-Time (haha) favourite artists/songs? :) love your blog x