Thursday, 6 June 2019

6 Years of A Fashion Oddity

Hey Guys,

Can you believe it's been six whole years since I set up this blog?

Six years ago, I was lost bored while studying for my GCSE's and I became obsessed with blogging. I got the name from David Bowie's song, Space Oddity. It was my own little space. I was spending all my time revising for subjects I didn't care about so this was my fun escape from revision. Six years I've been doing this yet not much has changed around here. 

I've witnessed so much in the blogging industry from the infamous 'Bekah' on twitter scamming bloggers with the blogger holidays to back when the likes of Victoria at 'Inthefrow' and Emily Canham had a mere few thousand followers. The days before no one really knew what the term 'influencer' meant. I have seen a lot of people who were at the same level as me in 2018 blow up and become celebrities even which is so cool.

Top - New Look 
Dress - Topshop 

In 2013 blogging was just one big community of people obsessing over certain products sharing each other's posts. Constantly engaging with each other, every night of the week Twitter was full of chats and you had a community of online friends. All you needed to get people engaging with your content was a camera, no editing. It was the days of the flat lays though, remember throwing random slightly related products in the back of a product you were reviewing to make it an on-trend flatly? that just wouldn't work now. In 2013 you didn't need to know about SEO, photoshop or web design to run a successful blog but this would have helped to turn your successful blog into something more and still be successful in 2019.  

These people kept improving around me while I kept my blog as a side hobby if and when I had the time and inspiration which is okay. I focused on uni, juggling two part-time jobs and making the most of being a student and fell behind on all the blogging skills, feel out of the community. Regards of the what if's or what mistakes I've made her and things I've missed out on I love A Fashion Oddity. 

Although this blog hasn’t been hugely successful or life-changing in its own right. I really don’t think I would have been as interested in marketing and fashion if I hadn’t immersed myself into a world of digital marketing back then. I directed me to be more interested in particular university courses and has been a huge talking point in both job and university interviews I’ve had since. My blog may not be my career but if I hadn’t started blogging I don’t think I’d have the passion and knowledge to get me into Marketing so it’s influenced and guided my career. 

Going forward I am trying to put more and more effort back into my blog starting with a new web design. Over the next few weeks, I am hoping to finally move from Blogger to Wordpress, get a rebrand with a new logo and colour palette finally with a new website and overall vision. 

So there is lots to look forward to here and hopefully the next time we speak on here things will look a little bit different. 

Love Charlotte

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