Monday, 20 May 2019

Childhood dreaming - Style post

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Hope you're all well?

Sometimes you spot something completely different to your style but you can't stop thinking about? Well, this was it for me. It was on my ASOS wishlist since before Christmas.  I ordered around February but only now decided to wear it I love it but felt ridiculous in it. 

Mesh body - New Look
Belt - Primark 

I'm not normally one for character prints, Primark is hell for it every floor is full of Harry Potter graphic tops followed by every Disney character you can imagine then it goes on to Game of Thrones to the point where there isn't a dress in sight. To me, these graphics character tops should be PJ tops or for the gym and that's about it.  But for some reason this I liked.

I don't even remember watching Looney Tunes much as a kid but there is some level of nostalgia there as I remember both my dad and uncle getting super excited any time Loony Tunes or a character from it was mentioned followed by impressions. Somehow my Christmas stocking is also covered in Tweety Pie.

I just love the idea of using old childhood fabrics like a kids top from a trip to Disneyland in 1999 or the super 90s character duvet prints, sustainably using cool fabric and turning them into something completely new in a creative way that can be styled in endless ways more than just a t-shirt with Tweet Pie on with jeans. Reclaimed Vintage isn't the only guys doing this, I just discovered Sillygirlclub who do exactly what I just mentioned. She uses second-hand character fabric, usually from duvet covers and transforms them into amazing playsuits or dresses and I am obsessed.

While on the subject of 90s childhood characters, I went to see Detective Pikachu recently with low expectations and not much knowledge of Pokemon and wow was I pleasantly surprised. I mean I laughed all the way through and nearly even cried at the ending, one of the best 'kids' films I've seen in a long time, 10/10 would recommend.

What's your favourite iconic kid's character you'd love to wear in a dress, jumpsuit or t-shirt?

Love Charlotte

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