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A spa day and afternoon tea at St.Michaels Falmouth

Hey Guys,

Last Sunday I went to the Spa at St. Michaels hotel in Falmouth with my work friends for a birthday celebration.
I've never really been to a spa and had never been to the new St.Michaels hotel in Falmouth so was super excited to go and had been looking forward to it for weeks. St.Michaels is a luxury hotel ideally located right on gylly beach in the centre of Falmouth, about 18 months ago they undertook a huge refurb and they are now one of the highly talked about hotels in Cornwall.
We had been out the night before on the birthday celebrations so were a little too hungover to be enthusiastic about even leaving the house at first.

On arrival, everything is so luxurious. You get given an electronic wristband to link with any locker which is so much easier, every locker has a fresh towel, robe and flip flops for use within the spa. In every room, there is a table of fresh water but the area I got most excited about in the changing room is the beauty desks. Everything you could possibly need was available GHD straighteners, cleanser, toners and moisturisers as well as shampoo and conditioner. Honestly, if I had a beauty station set up like this at home I'd be way more motivated with my skincare routine. 

Now enough about the changing rooms, into the main event. 
The main part of the spa is the pool room with other saunas and rooms around it and just outside. 
The pool room is just beautiful, there's candles and different comfy seats, loungers and beds everywhere with plenty of hooks and tables so you can find your own space for the 3 hours to keep your robes, flip flops and water poolside together. It didn't get busy at all so we didn't need to worry about someone else sitting where we'd left our things. 

The pool is just amazing. As soon as you step in the water is so warm. It's split into sections the first half mainly being centred around the circular jacuzzi pool which we spent most of our time sat in. The second half of the pool has loads of different hydro treatments to try. There are around 8 stations with a button next to it so you can utilise the treatment. There are four different beds that have different hydro massaging elements, three sprays? (I warned you I had never been to a spa before I have no idea around what these things are actually called) that you can stand under and they massage your bank, shoulders and neck. I could have stayed on the hydro massage beds all day.

Aside from the pool, there are a few different sauna rooms. I had tried a few saunas before on family holidays and I didn't get it. I hate being too hot so the idea of sitting in a burning hot room I don't get the attraction. However, there are so many different ones I found a few I enjoyed more than I thought. Outside there is a coal sauna hut which is lovely to sit in with a glass wall so you can see the beach and it was probably the coolest of them all. The main sauna is a herbal one (kinda smells like vix / vapour rub) and just off from the pool, it's so painfully hot in there you need to take your towels in to sit on by the wood seats literally burn, not my fave. 
There is a corridor linking the changing rooms to the main pool room this corridor has two sauna rooms and 3 different showers (as pictured). This was my favourite. There is a Cornish sea salt sauna, its light up blue and not unbearably hot, this was my favourite and nice local touch. Next to this is a rainforest sauna, the showers are rainforest themed too with different settings, I recommend the mist setting which is so relaxing. One thing we all thought of that would have been nice in this area was so very quiet background music, some relaxing waves sound in the Cornish sea salt one for example. 

Me in the pool

The swimsuit I'm wearing is from TU at Sainsburys. 

hot tub

Also outside there is a beautiful wooden hot tub, which is so lovely to sit in, chat and look across at the beach. 

For my first time in a spa, I had an amazing time, for a girls day it was perfect to chat and relax. However, I am the youngest by a bit in the group and I struggled to do nothing, I felt a bit like a child bored in an adults room, sitting in a pool and not being able to swim was weird. It's not because I'm one of those people who normally can't relax or hate being bored I can spend days in bed watch tv shows I've seen before but just sat still in silence doing literally nothing I found a bit hard yeah, however, I did get into it and generally the whole atmosphere was relaxing and with those hydromassage features I definitely did get it and found the day so soothing. Another great thing has been the after effect on my skin, all week since my boyfriend has been pointing it out too how soft my skin has been since the spa day. It also totally got rid of those hangovers, literally, as soon as I stepped in the pool at the beginning I no longer felt hungover.

St. Michaels offers so many amazing spa packages to get treatments or dining offers in with your spa entry. On Sundays, we were looking at either the brunch and spa or afternoon tea and went with afternoon tea a little more special for someone's birthday and it seemed nicer to eat after rather than before and going in the pool all bloated. 
After I made use of the beauty stations in the changing rooms we headed upstairs to the main restaurant for our afternoon tea. 

afternoon tea

afternoon tea

As it was a preordered set package we didn't have to wait long for our food to arrive. The portion size was great we had three of the stands between 6 with more than enough. However the bread on the sandwich was so dry and nearly stale which wasn't a great start, there was four scones two plain and two fruit which is great to have that choice and two each however they weren't baked well at all, I found mine really overcooked on the outside, quite crunchy yet still nearly raw and doughy in the centre. The cakes on the top layer look amazing and the rest of my party loved them all but I am apparently really fussy with cakes and this has always been my issue with afternoon tea in the past is the set menu, you don't even know what the cakes on the top are meant to be its always just a guessing game, we had two each of four different cakes which is a great amount but I think when you have four there should be a variety, something fruity, something nutty, something chocolatey and maybe something sweet like caramel based for example but none of these I was excited by to me it was just a lot of lemon and nuts which personally I don't want on a cake but there were lovely and not overcooked or dry like the scones and sandwiches so that is just down to my personal taste. 

Overall I really recommend St.Michaels for a girlie day out and am already dreaming of my next spa trip. 

Love Charlotte

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