Friday, 8 March 2019

International Woman's day 2019

Hey Guys,

This is a bit of a last minute post for this year's celebrations, unlike last year which is still one of my favorite posts (Women in music).
Even so, it's one of my favorite days and I always want to say something about the amazing women in my life.

Over the years I surround myself in more and more amazing women. Everyone I look up to whether its career-wise, style-wise, or morally its full of women.
I am so lucky to live in this generation where we can choose who we surround ourselves with, who we follow and I can choose to put women at the forefront of the content I digest. Which is such a cool position to be in.

Creatively it's such a great time for women, I am constantly learning from, being inspired by creative women.
Since finishing my degree last summer I've become even more motivated and passionate about my career.

My close friends on my course always motivated me throughout uni and it's amazing seeing all the amazing work they are all doing now. Even since adjusting to long distance friendships since leaving uni my girlfriends are my rock and are just my favourite people.

Now to mention some of those women I am inspired by and am learning form at the moment. 
Starting with my go-to for all things fashion inspiration my personal queen of blogging, Megan Ellaby, its amazing seeing her grown to evne launching a clothing line this year. For me she is the most creative 'big' influencer, he stlye is so full of colour and personality its still such a  welcome sight in a very trend led influencer industry where everyone can fall for the same kind of minimalistic style with this same street of houses style background. 

Next up is Vix Meldrew one of the main people I've gone back to a lot since the New Year where my career motivation has come back. Someone I've followed for years but only new connected with. With her 'exciting emails' concept, she has created a community alongside her very useful podcast of women trying to improve their blogs, in similar positions so myself. 

Next up a little bit closer to home again someone I've followed for years is Anna, I've followed her blog The Cornish life for a while but more recently have been finding her new podcast series The Freelance Fix and her web design site very useful for tips all things freelance related. 

I've recently really got into podcasts so please share with me your favourites. 

I am planning a few more posts around what I have touched on today about my new found career motivation and the content I have been getting my inspiration from for work. However for now my message is as always to surround yourself by amazing women, collaborate with these women and for the love of god empower each other, sharing the content women create, telling your favourite women you love what they do is so important, so make sure you have thanked your friends today, and see you soon.

Love Charlotte

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