Sunday, 24 February 2019

Who said velvet and glitter is just for the festive party season? - Style post

Hey Guys,

Two months ago every shop on the high street was full to the brim of glitter, sequins, and velvet. 
Christmas means one thing in fashion PARTY SEASON, maybe its an age or job thing but I never understood that apart from New Year's Eve I don't dress up more than normal and Christmas.

Why should we only get all glam in December? 

Top - Primark 
Trousers - Urban Outfitters 

Whether it's any old night out with your gals, a celebratory meal, your birthday or any reason to celebrate we should keep the sparkly clothes from Christmas.
I have always loved dressing up to the nines, and often feel the most overdressed, but so what?
You clash that sequin dress with a velvet jacket and glitter eye shadow any day of the year.
Falmouth is somewhere people don't really dress too fancy so sometimes you have to find a middle ground like contrasting your fancy look with super casual accessories, like these old air max trainers, or an old leather jacket over the top.
Plus even though this look is 'festive' with glitter and velvet, its a very comfy, relaxed fit which also helps tone it down.
Do you love overdressing or do you tend to keep it casual?

Love Charlotte

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