Thursday, 7 February 2019

The black jumper that's got me through winter - Style post

Hey Guys,

It wasn't until a few months ago I got this black jumper and oh was this something my wardrobe was missing. 

Jumper - Vera Moda on ASOS (similar here) 
Skirt - Topshop (similar here)
Boots - River Island

As much as I prefer Autumn winter fashion when it gets super cold it is easy to just get into a uniform and live in jeans and various other chunky jumpers. I have been on an endless hunt for the perfect jumper that is super warm and goes with more than just jeans. A jumper to go with fancy skirts, mini skirts and pulled over dresses, well this is it.
It's super warm but I can let the rest of the outfit do the taking. I love the over sized jumper with just a hint of a print coming through under neath. 

This coat is the classic camel style that I've always shied away from, my mum always told me these kind of tan colours only washed me out and I've since avoided them. However they aren't a fashion staple for no reason. All of my coats ever have been black which is perfect. However this is exactly what I need to break up boring all black, safe outfits sometimes.
Weirdly for someone who wears a lot of colour and bright looks that this was stepping out of my comfort zone as I never felt this style suited me. Sticking with black coats meant they were the practical boring thing I put on top of a cool outfit purely to keep warm but now I am into the coat being an equal part to the outfit and not just a warm piece that covers it all up to be practical.

What's one classic piece or style you've always shied away from?

Love Charlotte

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