Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Some Personal and career goals

Hey Guys,

I was inspired, as usual by Chloe from The Little plums personal posts, a follow up to her goal posts from back in July.  I do a lot of self-analysing anyway, I get annoyed at myself for doing things after I've done them but most recently I've been thinking about how much I've changed in the last 18 months. Not necessarily changed in terms of my personality just my mindsets and motivation around things as well as the places I am in. 
So I've been trying to sum up what I've achieved (because it's okay to be proud of ya self sometimes) and think about some more goals.


In the past - I was very unmotivated with my work, I felt a bit stuck. At university, I got easily frustrated with projects and lecturers constantly getting negative feedback but with no clue on how to improve it, I soon felt frustrated and then lost a lot of interest. I still cared about the subjects and I wanted to do well but just not enough. I cared about other things about student life more. You could say I cared about those things TOO much however I don't regret it that much because I still succeeded in my degree and am glad I have all the memories from the other aspects of being a student which are arguably just as important.
As well as not being motivated with my uni work, I let A Fashion Oddity fall out of focus I haven't been properly consistent with this brand for years either.

I am now - Working my first 'adult' job, for years I've loved my part-time jobs in retail but in the new year I started the first job in my career field as a website assistant for an engineering firm and I have gained a new confidence and motivation around work I haven't had for years. At uni getting up the road for a 9am lecture was near impossible for me now I am up at 6:45 and in the office from 8am. I partly think I am still in the novelty of it all, the first office job, the meetings and everything feeling grown up. But I also think I have genuinely just grown up about this, people mention any form of training and I am jumping at the chance to learn, I am getting my ideas heard, speaking up in meetings and really just loving working which is such a contrast from this time last year for me.

My goals - As you can tell I am pretty happy with where I am at work wise, I am looking at some training to further my digital marketing knowledge at work though.

I want to really push my blog though. I have a lot planned for this little baby. In the next few months, I have a whole new re-brand and a new website to launch soon.

 I want to work on finding the balance between working a 9 to 5 and spending enough time working on my blog, (this is the kind of change I have noticed in myself, at uni I struggled to do any uni work at home after a two hour lecture and now I work 8+ hours, with an hour commute either side and when I get home, I still want to keep working) I want to become more involved in the Cornish blogging community and keep building connections.

In the past - I was atrocious with money, I got my card declined before every payday and student loan, the loan was meant to stretch over 3 months but I'd always run out for the third rent. I put off doing things such as learning to drive because there was no way I could afford enough lessons let alone then a test, a car, insurance and more on that so I could never be bothered to start. 

At the moment - When I moved back to my parents for a bit after uni, I was working full time in retail I managed to set up my savings account and while I was lucky enough to have hardly any outgoings I managed to put aside some of my wages each week and now I am so proud of how I've turned around my finances. Towards the end of last year I finally bite the bullet and started having driving lessons, I had some back home around Cardiff but am now learning in Cornwall. 
Between working a full-time office job and working on my blog I don't have much time left for anything else, trying to fit in socialising and girl time is a struggle. 

My goals - My main priority is to keep on building up those savings.
I want to keep improving my finances, I've jumped on the Monzo card bandwagon which is hopefully going to help me waste less money by putting all my spending money in one separate account that I can budget and set spending limits on. 
Next is to complete learning to drive first with the driving theory, this is the bit I am struggling with.  Then hopefully, touch wood in no time I'll have my driving test ready and I am so excited to be driving.

 Some other goals that are less of a priority are to keep learning Italian, this is something I’ve done off and on for years. The last time I went out to Italy I practised on a few apps loads beforehand and it was the best it’s been however like everything I slip in and out of practice with it and I need to get back into it. I spend more than enough time on my phone every day so I’m trying to put 5 minutes of my screen time towards my Italian apps. 

I’d also like to learn to enjoy exercise, I’ve always hated any form of exercise and the day I had my last compulsory P.E lesson in year 9 was the best day however I do feel unfit sometimes and I can tell it will keep getting worse. 5 months ago I was working 8 hours shifts in retail, working in the warehouse pacing across a huge store countless times in those 8 hours so while I’ve never exercised I’ve had dips of being more active day today. Now I am sat at my desk for 8 hours then I go home to sit on the sofa or my bed for the rest of the time so this is another thing I need to work on. Hopefully I can find a form of exercise I really enjoy as I get fitter but for now, I am just trying to take more walks, maybe I can give up having big hot lunches in the staff room at work and go on a walk at lunchtime instead. 

The final thing I want to touch on is my friendships, something I’ve always heard people struggle with is making new friendships as an adult any time after uni. 
I really was lucky enough to make the best friends at uni and I met my partner so I felt like I was sorted and somewhat set up. 
However, all of my friends now live at least 5 hours away on the train so I can’t just meet them for a drink after work to vent about the perils of living with your boyfriend for example. 
So this goal is to just continue keeping those mentioned friendships as strong as they were while trying my best to build new friendships at work and through other ways here in Cornwall! 

Top - ASOS 
Jeans - H&M 
Necklace- Topshop 

I hope enjoyed this post, its a weird time for goals not being the new year or a new term but its always a good time to sit down look at what you’ve achieved and what other goals or ‘improvements’ you can work towards. 

Love Charlotte

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