Wednesday, 16 January 2019

A look back on 2018

Hey Guys,

Classic me weeks behind on everything but here I am with my new year posts, like I've done before I wanted to do one last year review personally and favourites and then a post looking ahead at the new year.
So lets have a look back on one of the most pivotal years so far for me. 2018 was an emotional roller coaster that had a really slow hard start to the year.
This time last year I was in a completely different place, going out all the time with some not the greatest people, struggling with my dissertation all while losing one of the most important people to me, however by April 2018 started to get better and better.

I got into my uni project, experienced Cornwall covered in snow, the best club in Falmouth reopened and soon became my second home between the library during third year while dating more tw*ts.

birthday, 21st, st,ives,

One of the highlights of my year was my biggest birthday yet. Turning 21 was every bit as special as I'd hoped it would be. Filled with an amazing 'Prince' themed house party organised by my housemates, day trips to Fowey and St.Ives with my family and endless cocktails of course. It was the best weekend with the most special people by the sea and I was spoilt rotten. 
Can we do it again for my 22nd please? 

Spring just carried on getting better to look back on although at the time I struggled with uni coming to an end and of course struggled to get everything for my final project done on time but when it was and I was coming to terms with the changes and uni ending it was time to celebrate. 
Showcasing our work at the Falmouth university Graduate exhibition was one of my proudest moments. I remember attending many graduate exhibitions at different unis over the years with my grandma (it was really hard for me that she couldn't come to mine). It was also so special getting to see all of my best friends and those I'd worked with for three years showcase their final pieces together in one room it was really inspiring.  
The celebrations started with our Summer Grad ball on campus which was a lovely evening to get all dressed up and party on campus for the last time. 
Another highlight from this period is Mangos the earlier mentioned club starting a weekly 80s, 90s night which I took very seriously with my Bowie inspired outfits. 

GRADUATION a day at times I never thought would come and a day that became one of the best days of my life (lame I know)
I really struggled at uni but this day was for me to enjoy and be proud of how much I achieved.
I got the dress much earlier in the year for |£18 from £89 in a Topshop sale and felt so good in it.
The whole day I could not stop smiling while getting ready with bubbly and my housemates right through till the end of the day. Putting my cap and gown on felt so surreal. I'd seen parents and grandparents' graduation pictures getting faded in dusty cabinets I couldn't believe it was my turn.
I was also bursting with pride, seeing all my amazing course mates so happy and excited too, just the best. That moment on the stage as I shook hands with our chancellor, none other than Dawn French it was all worth it, she finished the ceremony with a beautiful speech about how proud we should be, our next steps into the creative industries and how Falmouth will always be home which I can admit made me well-up. The best day was finished off with an amazing meal out looking over the harbour and of course a night out in Mangos with my friends.

SUMMER was the best summer ever. I didn't exactly do anything 'cool' like go abroad or to a festival but it was just the best summer. Cornwall was swapped in an amazing heatwave while we still had our uni house till the end of summer to enjoy our post graduation summer.
I spent endless days partying then hungover days sunbathing at the beach.
Plus I feel in love, I spent the summer while we were all submersed in Love Island in my own summer of love. I met a guy I'd kinda worked with for the last 6 months on a night out and things went really quickly, I'd never been so lucky with guys.
The usual routine of mangos then beach included adventures on the boat to St. Mawes, days round National trust gardens and accidentally find the local nudists beaches.

So my tenancy in Falmouth ended I had to say goodbye to living with my best friends, goodbye to falmouth and my boyfriend as the graduate job hunt hadn't succeeded. As sad as it was I'd been mentally preparing and dealing with uni coming to an end since April so I was ready, plus I knew I wouldn't be able to stay away for long.
Another highlight was the last week in Falmouth going out for Tapas with my housemates family and then a last Falmouth date seeing Fleetwood Bac the best Fleetwood mac cover band with support from a Tom Petty cover artist which was just amazing.

So I moved back home to Wales with my parents and worked full time in retail, long distance was tough, and not having the freedom of uni anymore but now I am glad I had that time, I spent proper time with my family and home friends again obviously it was lush being back in Wales for a bit.
I also managed to tick some more goals of my list as I finally started learning to drive.
Then I properly began my post graduate job hunts somehow resulting in the best end of the year being offered my first 'career' job as a website assistant back in Falmouth with my boy.

So all in all it was an emotional year, hard at times but will always be one of the biggest years for me, losing two grandparents but also graduating from university, turning 21, getting a job and meeting my love.

I have waffled on for long enough however I don't feel right doing an end of year post without toughing on some of my other favourites from the year, very briefly.
Films - My stand out film for 2018 is obviously A Star is Born, I've talked about this film enough but I saw it in the cinema three times, I am ready to see it and have my heart broken all over again. Honourable mentions go to Mamma Mia: Here we go again, Dumplin' and Mary Poppins returns

Music - I can't choose between Lily' Allen's No Shame or Jorja Smith's insane debut album Lost and Found for my favourite albums with a mention going to Florence + The machine with High as hope, it was another year for creative female pop artists for me.

Hope you've all looked back on 2018 as fondly as I have and are having an amazing start to the New Year

Love Charlotte

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