Monday, 19 November 2018

The purple one - Style Post

Hey Guys,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the start of Winter as much as me.

I want to talk about my never ending love for both the colour purple and the man associated with purple, Prince. 

My love for purple is all my mums fault, it is more than just her favourite colour she is obsessed, takes it too far if I do say so myself. I remember in primary school everyone would comment on the ridiculous interiors having various shades of purple clashing literally walls, carpets and everything was purple. 
As I grew up with a crazy purple lady I never thought of myself being weirdly into purple until friends at uni always commented on everything I buy being purple or never having an outfit without something purple involved. However it is true, mum influenced me with this I do get automatically drawn to anything in purple shades when clothes shopping. Like this blazer!

Blazer - Primark 
Prince Top - Vintage from ASOS marketplace 
Jeans - H & M 
Boots - River Island  (now only £17)

Now Prince has always been associated with purple, when you think of the artist you automatically think of purple whether its the Purple rain artwork, the film or one of his many purple suits and amazing jackets. 
For as long as I can remember I have adored Prince, I remember the first time my dad played my the Purple rain album then a few years later he sat me down to watch the film, I was just in awe of his stage presence. As my friends started hosting house parties the playlists always included When doves cry and now as I have got older I've fallen even more in love with him as an icon.
There aren't many male artist that can write about women and sex in such a raw, romantic and honest way like Prince could.  On the album Sign of the times which is one of my favourite albums in both 'If I was your girlfriend' and 'Adore' he sings about sex in more than just an equal way, he sings about the female orgasm being a beautiful experience for both of them to experience.
Who could forget 'Darling Nikki' from the Purple Rain album a track about masturbation the lyrics in this and the possibility it was about female masturbation led to the creation of the Parents' music resource centre and labelling on certain records and CDs with 'Parental advisory explicit lyrics'. He constantly pushed the boundaries with his lyrics and the messages he sent out with the music but this is just one of the many reasons he stands out as a key music legend.
Look at his self titled album released in 1979 at the age of 19 Prince self wrote, produced and played everything the drums, synth, guitar and percussion, impressive right?

Most musical legends have a 'THING' that they are primarily credited for, whether its being a songwriter (Bob Dylan), a guitarist (Hendrix) or for the characters and star quality they ooze but for me Prince is everything.

If you are new to Prince, he has released 49 records so I could recomend a lot for different moods and through the different genres he experimented with but personally my top three to listen to, to understand the basics of Prince as an artist too are Purple rain, Sign of the times and Prince.

I hope enjoyed this weird post half outfit post, half me waffling on about how amazing Prince is. I am sure there will be a part two to this Prince post when I get a second way less casual purple blazer, one that shines just as much as the iconic Purple Rain jacket, every time I step in any vintage shop I hope to spot my ultimate Prince inspired blazer.

Love Charlotte