Wednesday, 19 September 2018

September reflections and post graduate fears !

Hey Guys,

So as always it's been awhile since I’ve posted on here but it’s been a weird, emotional time. I moved back home to my parents, leaving Falmouth and my boyfriend to jump straight into intense 35 hour weeks in retail. It's been an emotional time still adjusting to the best three years of my life coming to an end, moving back with my parents and being away from so many of my favourite people. All this has resulted in such a creative slump. I know I need to be starting my next step, applying for graduate jobs and writing but I've hit such a block. 

So as for many people I treat September the same as New Years as a time not for resolutions specifically but for a new start and fresh motivation. 

I remember an assembly in Primary school so vividly I think I was starting year 3 and the message of the assembly was how we should use the new school year to reflect on our past behaviour, I remember the teacher leading the assembly talking about how we should all turn over a new leaf with one aspect of ourselves and this notion has always stayed with me in September.

However this year has been different, without making this post just about post - graduate struggles, it hit me that its the first September I don't have the exciting 'back to school time' which is mainly just a mind set for me. A time to start new notebooks, start the year really organised and on top of my work, research and whatever projects I may have. I usually find the whole thing really motivating but this year something is missing.

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We may be half way through September now but I'm only now feeling the new term motivation. I've been looking back on the last year of uni and thinking about how we were 'prepared' for life after uni, its the first time there is no natural next step we are shipped off into which is hard. University in a sense finished all the way back in May, with graduation in July and its taken until now for me to feel motivated to look into my next steps, work out my goals and really feel excited about writing again.

 What's been working for me is taking a step back, doing some self analysis essentially looking back on my time at uni and what my goals always were. Deciding what I really want to gain experience in and where I want to be.

 I'm learning that it's okay to feel this lost about my post graduate life and I know we are all feeling the same. If you've got through this weird slump please share your motivating stories with me.

Love Charlotte

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