Saturday, 11 November 2017

Alligated, The Art life and other films I'm obsessing over

Hey Guys,

Something I little bit different tonight, I wanna talk about films a few I've seen recently that I can't stop thinking about and a few I am super excited to see.

I'm sure you all know how obsessed I am with David Lynch, the other week I went to see David Lynch the art life which left me feeling even more in awe of his work than I was before. I am always inspired by his aesthetic especially that of Twin Peaks. The art life is essentially a biopic but obviously its so much more than just his life story. Some essential viewing for any of us into film, art and Lynch.

Sticking with the Lynchian theme I wanna talk about Alligated, a short film inspired by Lynch and 'It follows' a horror that's next on my to watch list. Alligated  follows a strange young boy obsessed with crocodiles and alligators who is then accused of murder. A young woman sweeps him up to help him hide away, but are her intentions good? This film aims to look at the relationship between two different characters on the same scale. How do we view people who are different to us? Who can you trust when things don't make sense?

Sounds good right, well the crowndfunder page just went live so please take a look at the trailer, more info and even donate to help fund this wicked new film. I'm sure you'll here loads more about it from me over the coming months. 

Now two films I am so excited to see at the cinema are I, Tonya. If you haven't seen the trailer for this yet, go! I don't know much about the real life events this is based on but it looks amazing and I am just so ready for my love Margot Robbie's true acting skills to get the appreciation she deserves. 

Finally I wanna mention Lady Bird, which is Greta Gerwig's directorial debut. I first saw Greta Gerwig shine in 20th Century woman which I mentioned a few times on here and is still one of my favourite films. Really impressive, thought provoking 'coming of age' films is probably my favourite genre of film if you can group them all together like that and especially one that is directed, wrote by and staring amazing females I know its gonna be important and so far the reviews are looking amazing. 

I hope you enjoyed this sightly different post, a quick look at some super cool films, please leave me any film recommendations based on these films and go and check out the crowdfunder for Alligated. xo

Love Charlotte

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