Sunday, 29 October 2017

The Graphic Tee - Style post

Hey Guys,

The slogan tee has been a huge trend for quite awhile now but its something I've only now bought into, as I was always looking for slogans I actually agreed with or resonated with, so the feminist and political ones have been my faves. 

Although it doesn't stop just with the slogan tee I am currently obsessed with graphic tees in general from lusting over the Topshop Stranger things collection (I still haven't started season two yet) to vintage band tees. I am also rotating between a back to the future baseball tee and a Prince top I have. 

When it comes to styling graphic tees now, any skirts or trousers I buy have to be able to work just teamed with a graphic tee from prince of Wales check trousers, velvet wide leg trousers and loud skirts. As I teenager I pretty much lived in the graphic tees and different jeans, even a collection of the colour hand print ones from Blue Banana but now I am loving trying to avoid wearing jeans as much. This skirt I picked up for only £7 in the marks sale and I love the wrap detail which makes it a little bit more flattering, plus blue is a colour I've always been told suits me but I don't have enough blue in my wardrobe. 

Top - Topshop sale / Skirt - Marks and Spencer sale / Boots - Primark

With the finishing touch of this season must have, a sock boot. These ones are from Primark at around £10 with the perfect height heel, of course I had to get the in metallic. It has weirdly been a super mild October here in Cornwall but with a leather jacket over the top outfits like this are what I am living in while trying not to wear jeans as much and resisting the need for knitwear so far.
I do wish I had got this top around May time when we were preparing for the last general, would have been perfect for political posts and wearing canvasing but even when we don't have a general election coming up its still so relevant and important to be politically active (look into joining your party) and keeping informed.

Love Charlotte

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