Thursday, 21 September 2017

Through the 'frill' of it all / SheIn review - Style Post

Hey Guys,

Experimenting more with my style more is definitely something I am trying to do more, making conscious decisions to not choose things that are pretty similar to what I already have in my wardrobe.

The obvious way for me to try and dress more bold is through bright colours which I do love but what is so cool about this look is being able to be quite bold but still in black and a t-shirt.

I was recently contacted by the guys at SheIn offered me to sample a piece from the new collection and I always see this as an opportunity to try and be brave, choose something different that I wouldn't normally go for. These trousers have been huge over the last few months and for some reason I associate them with Zara (this is something I think Shein are known for doing is copying Zara), I feel like they had so many takes on the ruffle hem and huge bell bottom trousers last season but I didn't see them all over instagram in huge way, which weirdly left me a bit stumped on how to style them. 

Chocker - Borrowed from housemate(also the photographer, what a babe!)  / Top - also housemates but Topshop / Trousers - SheIn * / Shoes - New Look 

Shein is a brand I have heard of for a few years and have always been a bit sceptical, I had a pre-conception that it was like an online Primark which for me isn't the one (not only ethically) but also because with primark the way we can find the little gems is by seeing them in the flesh first. Now considering they are shipping for China, the delivery process was amazing they arrived in four days I think which is great but when they arrived I at first wasn't too excited, the fabric instantly felt cheap and quite stretchy but the actual shape, hem and having a zip is great. My main issue with these trousers is the sizing as I have said on here many times I am typically a UK size 8-10 so I ordered a medium and at first it was just uncomfortable to pull up over my thighs and still couldn't do the zip up fully which meant I automatically had to pair them with a lose fitting top. But now wearing them I do love the style and I felt slight Abba tribute band vibes but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Styling them with quite an 'urban' loose top and contrasting with small pump heels really works actually and its definitely a look that outside of my normal style but its super fun and I actually felt fabulous in it with these really long ruffles on.

Love Charlotte

* Disclaimer that the item with a * has been sent to me to be included in a post but all opinions and content are my own.

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