Wednesday, 30 August 2017

It's a wrap / High street sizing issues - Style post

Hey Guys,

The wrap silhouette is having a huge moment right now between wrap dresses and tops like this one. 

I first spotted this top months ago in Cardiff Topshop and mum an I fell in love with it. Print wise its totally me, I'm forever buying pink, purple floral prints on black.  

But the wrap style was something new for me. In theory its perfect for my figure as it flatters the chest, cinches in at the waist and its then pretty forgiving on the stomach....perfect?
I am sure this is true as I now own a wrap dress from Zara which fits perfectly but this (and another I tried on but had to leave) from Topshop just doesn't fit right and I cant even work out why. I am a size 8 - 10, normally a ten in topshop but this is an eight so I assume its simply too small around the waist for me, yet there is so much bagginess around the chest.

Blouse - Topshop / Jeans - TU at Sainsburys / Watch - Olivia Burton /

The sizing on the high street is something everyone has been talking about at the moment, how in one store you can be an 8 in a skirt and need a 16 in the short which is ridiculous but its simply to do with each item being made in completely different factories or even countries.
However what has always annoyed me is how fashion forgets that boobs are a natural thing that small women can still have. I remember being a size 6 (hahaha those were the days) then we grew some boobs without putting on any weight else where but I therefore had to go up to the 8-10 bracket. I am well aware I could never be a size 6 now but sometimes even with a size 10 in the slightly more fashion conscious high street retailers (Zara and Topshop I'm looking at you) things with fit perfectly but be too tight around the chest, I always have to size up in anything button up and I know that plenty of girls have it worse of than me. I just want clothes to flatter around both boobs and a waist nicely, please and thank you, I'd love to know whats winding you up with sizing on the highstreet?

Love Charlotte

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