Monday, 17 July 2017

It feels just like velvet - Style post

Hey Guys,

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Jacket: Gap 
Top: New Look
Skirt : Marks and Spencer (now in the sale)
Shoes: Moshulu 
Sunglasses : New Look via ASOS 

This outfit I worn a few weeks back for a family garden party at Godolphin Manor house and it was perfect for that occasion as my family don't tend to dress too fancy so I dressed all pink and floral for a garden party but it was also so comfy and practical.
I had this beautiful skirt as a present for my birthday from my nan and I adore it as it can be really formal but its my usual favourite being comfy and lose fitting for these bloated days. Plus velvet is usually worn in the winter in darker colours but this is just beaut.
Most of the time wearing the skirt I've just teamed it with a plain white tee but for those day where I need a little extra I've been obsessed with this navy cami top with pink flowers on.
Mum did tell me I was dressed way too fancy for walking round a castle this day however I was feeling too uncomfortable for my tight skinny jeans and it was too cold for all the short dresses and beach clothes I packed with me on holiday, for years I hated the idea of wearing any skirt or dress that fell below the knees, I am a pretty short gal too so felt longer skirts would make me look even shorter but this skirt has changed my mind completely and I won't be forever shying away from the midi skirt now.
Finally these shoes are a little different for me although I have always had a weird soft spot for the traditional boat / deck shoe. I have always hated shopping for shoes as I can always find all the boots I want and all the sandals but practical in between shoes I really struggle with but these have ticked all the boxes with being practical (even worn them on some long cliff top walks), so so comfy, colourful with these pinks and blues being two of my favourite shades and fit into my wardrobe so well and they are perfect for the unpredictable British summer weather.

Hope you are enjoying the more regular outfit posts here and this outfit with a few out of my usual style pieces with the medi skirt and deck shoes.

I used to name majority of my outfit posts a few years ago with a song lyric related to post somehow but because of SEO and all the we have all shy-ed away from that but I had to relate this post to either Blue Velvet or Velvet / Jenny Francis by Stormzy, just couldn't not do it.

Love Charlotte

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