Monday, 24 July 2017

A little guide to Carmathenshire - Holiday pt 1

Hey Guys,

As you guys know from the last few outfit posts and my social media, I spent the last fortnight down my family's caravan in Pendine. It's a little beach village on the border between Carmathenshire and Pembrokhsire in West Wales. I've always loved Pembrokshire and its where I went on most of my holidays as a kid but I'm getting to love Carmathenshire now too. 

I'm spliting my holiday posts in two parts one being about what we did each day in Carmathenshire and the other in Pembrokshire which should be going up next week.

Firstly Pendine as I said is an small village mainly with the caravan park and then a long promenade which is full of pubs, cafes, ice cream parlours and a surf shop. Every evening we'd head for a walk along the seafront and you can carry on up the point onto the cliff top walk to carry on and find a few hidden beaches, with pink sunsets like this its beautiful.  The beach actually stretches 7 miles. 

Next I wanna talk about Laurgarne, which was one of my favourite days out of the holiday. It is pretty small and we have driven past it loads on the way to Pendine but there is actually loads to do.

There is only a few shops and restaurants but its enough there is a cute traditional welsh gift shop. a tearooms called 'The owl and the pussycat' which is great for cakes but also lunches like local crab sandwichs or go to Ferryman's deli (pictured on the left) for lots of local produce and an amazing brunch menu. Then for dinner there is Arthur's a lil Italian with homemade pizzas or go to Portheeve restaurant and bar (pictured right) which does a great seafood and grill menu.

However one of the two things that Laugharne  is know for is the castle. I adore visiting different castles and exploring the towers and this one is amazing for that. It lies right on the edge of the town so at the top of the tower is beautiful views of the whole town including amazing views out on the sandy estuary. It was built in the medieval ages but was renovated in the Tudor era. In the grounds there is also a cute gazebo summer house building looking out on the river and a maze.

After going round the castle we went on a walk along the sandy river banks and if you carry on far enough you reach the Dylan Thomas boat house which is probably why most people come here. Even if you aren't into his poetry its an amazing place to visit. A its easy to see why he choose this place to come and be inspired with his writing.  

Love Charlotte

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