Thursday, 29 June 2017

My Summer Essentials - Beauty post

Hey Guys,
 When are well into summer now and even though I much prefer autumn winter season I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite bits for the new season.

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The first thing is getting my feet ready for the endless days on the beach and wear sandals a lot aside from getting a pedicure (a pale pink is my favourite at the moment) I am also taking extra time to look after my feet, specifically those heels and walking on both flat sandals, flip flops and heels get make our heels quite dry and rough so I have been using this great heel magic balm from Flexitol to keep them soft. 

Summer is the best time to get brave and experimental with our make-up. I am not attending any festivals but its still the perfect excuse to add a bit of glitter and colour to every night out. I got the glitter set from amazon and the palette is one my many loves from Make up revolution
When on holiday I always change my foundations to BB creams too. 

Finding these really cute sliders from Next have been perfect because they are just a much nicer take on flip flops for the beach in my opinion. 

Finally I need to talk fake tan, I am naturally very pale and always been okay, proud even of this but sometimes for holiday or events its nice to have a subtle tan. Over the years I've had many fake tan fails with it being way too orange or streaky but I have finally found one that works for me. I had not tried a mousse before but this one from St.Moriz works amazingly, using a tanning mitt it blends a lot easier than the spray's I had previously tried. It is also beneficial being instant as I don't go over and get a way too dark colour. I only thing I would say is it takes a while to completely dry sometimes a while after application if I wash my hands all the tan on my arms will run. Of course a lip balm with SPF in is another essential and I always rely on Carmex.

Hope you are enjoying summer so far! 

Love Charlotte

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