Friday, 23 June 2017

Heatwave dressing and summer body confidence - Style post

Hey Guys,

Penryn, Cornwall

These last two weeks in the UK have been amazing (although it looks like its coming to an end now). We usually get a week or so of heatwave weather around June but I don't remember finding it this hot in a while, even coming out of work at 10pm it has still been too hot.

happy and body confidence


Sunglasses - ASOS
Necklace - ASOS
Bralet - Primark
Playsuit - TU at Sainsbury's
Watch - Olivia Burton

Being someone who would always choosing A/W dressing, its just more comfy and a lot less pressure around our bodies. I'm also not someone who has major struggled with my body confidence however I have put on weight over the years which I'm okay with because I just love food so it's all good but I've never been overly please with my thighs which is the main reason I struggle with summer wardrobes (its not just self - confidence it was constantly have bruises on my legs and if its too hot an your thighs stick together and get all red its just gross). However as much as I try to be confident with my body there are some days I don't want my midriff out or something figure hugging there too which is fine.
So for some reason (even though getting my legs out is my least favourite thing) when the weather is this hot playsuits are my go to. They are lose fitting around the stomach but can show off my chest and are just super comfy and lightweight (compared to denim shorts which I seem to hate now). Plus having the shorts mean your thighs don't stick together like they may with a dress or skirt.
I've also been having some health issues with my stomach so this whole year I have been dreading summer and a summer wardrobe but I actually felt so happy and confident in this outfit (if you couldn't tell from the pictures)
This particular playsuit is from TU at Sainsbury's (who by they way have an insane collection at the moment, I might been doing a brand focus on them soon) last summer and its actually just meant for the beach, which is why I needed to add the lace bralet underneath because it is very low cut. I adore the colours anything pinks and purples as we all know I will be obsessed with.
If like me you have not been looking forward to dressing in this hot weather if you just go for it there will be something with a perfect style and fit that will help you embrace your summer wardrobe.

Love Charlotte

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