Thursday, 29 June 2017

My Summer Essentials - Beauty post

Hey Guys,
 When are well into summer now and even though I much prefer autumn winter season I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite bits for the new season.

summer, beauty, essentials

The first thing is getting my feet ready for the endless days on the beach and wear sandals a lot aside from getting a pedicure (a pale pink is my favourite at the moment) I am also taking extra time to look after my feet, specifically those heels and walking on both flat sandals, flip flops and heels get make our heels quite dry and rough so I have been using this great heel magic balm from Flexitol to keep them soft. 

Summer is the best time to get brave and experimental with our make-up. I am not attending any festivals but its still the perfect excuse to add a bit of glitter and colour to every night out. I got the glitter set from amazon and the palette is one my many loves from Make up revolution
When on holiday I always change my foundations to BB creams too. 

Finding these really cute sliders from Next have been perfect because they are just a much nicer take on flip flops for the beach in my opinion. 

Finally I need to talk fake tan, I am naturally very pale and always been okay, proud even of this but sometimes for holiday or events its nice to have a subtle tan. Over the years I've had many fake tan fails with it being way too orange or streaky but I have finally found one that works for me. I had not tried a mousse before but this one from St.Moriz works amazingly, using a tanning mitt it blends a lot easier than the spray's I had previously tried. It is also beneficial being instant as I don't go over and get a way too dark colour. I only thing I would say is it takes a while to completely dry sometimes a while after application if I wash my hands all the tan on my arms will run. Of course a lip balm with SPF in is another essential and I always rely on Carmex.

Hope you are enjoying summer so far! 

Love Charlotte

Friday, 23 June 2017

Heatwave dressing and summer body confidence - Style post

Hey Guys,

Penryn, Cornwall

These last two weeks in the UK have been amazing (although it looks like its coming to an end now). We usually get a week or so of heatwave weather around June but I don't remember finding it this hot in a while, even coming out of work at 10pm it has still been too hot.

happy and body confidence


Sunglasses - ASOS
Necklace - ASOS
Bralet - Primark
Playsuit - TU at Sainsbury's
Watch - Olivia Burton

Being someone who would always choosing A/W dressing, its just more comfy and a lot less pressure around our bodies. I'm also not someone who has major struggled with my body confidence however I have put on weight over the years which I'm okay with because I just love food so it's all good but I've never been overly please with my thighs which is the main reason I struggle with summer wardrobes (its not just self - confidence it was constantly have bruises on my legs and if its too hot an your thighs stick together and get all red its just gross). However as much as I try to be confident with my body there are some days I don't want my midriff out or something figure hugging there too which is fine.
So for some reason (even though getting my legs out is my least favourite thing) when the weather is this hot playsuits are my go to. They are lose fitting around the stomach but can show off my chest and are just super comfy and lightweight (compared to denim shorts which I seem to hate now). Plus having the shorts mean your thighs don't stick together like they may with a dress or skirt.
I've also been having some health issues with my stomach so this whole year I have been dreading summer and a summer wardrobe but I actually felt so happy and confident in this outfit (if you couldn't tell from the pictures)
This particular playsuit is from TU at Sainsbury's (who by they way have an insane collection at the moment, I might been doing a brand focus on them soon) last summer and its actually just meant for the beach, which is why I needed to add the lace bralet underneath because it is very low cut. I adore the colours anything pinks and purples as we all know I will be obsessed with.
If like me you have not been looking forward to dressing in this hot weather if you just go for it there will be something with a perfect style and fit that will help you embrace your summer wardrobe.

Love Charlotte

Monday, 19 June 2017

A piece of home always with you - iphone case

Hey Guys,

I have been without a phone case for a few months now since my skinny dip one broke so when I was contacted by the guys at Case Company told me out their new city marble collection, I was excited for my new case* to arrive. 

The packaging it arrived in was super cute and personal which I love.

I also want to say how quick the delivery was, the company isn't based in the UK but it arrived 3 days after I placed the order.

Now onto the case,* the process is super easy to create your personal case. You first choose the case design itself (I choose a soft matt edge case) then you choose the colour (as you can see I went with a light blue.) Then you can search any town/ city name or a postcode to select the map print you want. I wasn't sure whether I want to have a map of Caerphilly (my hometown) or Falmouth, Cornwall where I'm living for university. I went for Cornwall as I do love to collect little things to remember my time living in Cornwall that aren't too touristy and this phone case is perfect. You also get to  choose the colour way and design of the map.
I adore the design of the case my only issue is when charging my phone the lead sometimes comes out due to the size of the case around it I assume.
The price of the case all vary depending on which phone size and style you choose at the beginning my style was around £14 which is a great price for the personal service and design.

Find out more about the new City marble range here.

Love Charlotte

* Case was gifted to me for review but as always all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The dress that sums up my style - Outfit post!

Hey Guys,

Sunglasses : ASOS
Dress : Zara
Jeans : Gap
Shoes : Zara
Watch : Olivia Burton

I've been loving the huge surge on the high street over the last few months in the dresses inspired by 'Molly Goddard'.I just love the versatile ways they can be styled over jeans and a band tee or check trousers and completely change an outfit. I've been tempted to buy so many and tried one from Urban Outfitters but it had ruffle detailing around the chest which was not flattering at all.
So on my birthday one of the few presents that were a total surprise to me was a Zara box from Esmee (one of my fave gals) and boy she did well. When I showed some of my other friends my birthday presents she said it is me in a dress, which I love. It is kind of true because its so summery but still black, the floral embroidery is very me too. So many gals describe their style as this vibe but I like that balance between 'girlie' pieces like floral's or lace with a leather jacket or studded boots etc for what is super painful to say but 'edgy' / 'alt.'(eww) touch on the outfit. This whole outfit sums up that vibe so well. What I also love is its so comfy but I look like I've but some effort in. as I'm essentially just wearing jeans with a black cami top.
I have purchased a black strap-y body con dress from Primark to wear under this if I want to try wearing it on a night out but I'm not sure about that look yet.

Also how beautiful is the background in this shoot?

Love Charlotte

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Monday, 5 June 2017

It's A Fashion Oddity's fourth birthday - Huge giveaway!

Hey guys,

I started A Fashion Oddity on June 6th 2013 (if you want a giggle here are those first few posts, godd its bad) so that means today it turns four, which so just insane. It feels like yesterday yet at the same time I can't remember at time when I was not blogging. I've definitely had an up and down, very inconsistent relationship with blogging. 2014 was definitely my strongest year in terms of stats, I was posting so regularly even 13 times in one month, I was getting paid brand work and the strongest level of interaction with readers on social media ever but the quality of those posts were terrible. Yet in some way it didn't matter back then, there was no pressure to have 'blogger perfect flat-lays' with all white backgrounds and outfit shoots so strong they could be in a magazine. We were all taking our own outfit 'selfies' in doors for posts and everyone loved it. I think once the standards got higher and I started university I struggled with blog posts but the last six months I've really fallen back in love with it all. The blogging industry has changed so much but lets not go into that any further.

I have never treated this site too much as a business its just somewhere for me to share my thoughts, recommendations and the things, people, places etc that I am loving in a totally natural and 'me' way.

Here are some of my favourite posts from over the last four years:
one of my first 'strong' outfit posts
- Another old but fave outfit shoot 
- The start of what I love doing now, blending outfit posts and travel blogging together.
- My favourite 'Quick guide' travel post so far.
- Finally, possibly my favourite outfit post yet

So what better way to celebrate and to thank you guys for reading over the years than a giveaway, one worth over £50 that is.

I choose a wide selection of products including my favourite high end make up brand, a beautiful eye palette from Too faced, a bronzing palette which is perfect for this time of year and a beautiful classic red lipstick so all you'd need to finish of so many make - up looks using these is you foundation and mascara essentially. To finish I've included a little travel set from Bumble and bumble aka the my favourite hair treatment brand, I swear by this hair spray. 

Enter here - 

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Thank you so much for reading and entering the giveaway. best of luck - I will contact the winner the day after it closes (26th June) (T's &C's this is open internationally and I will be checking that the winner is still following the right platforms etc)

Love Charlotte

Friday, 2 June 2017

Spring favourites and a catch up - Lifestyle post

Hey guys,

I'm here today with a little monthly favourites / life update post. The last one of these I did was back in February, so we need a catch up.
It's been a busy few months with all my university deadlines, I've now finished my second year of university with a 2:1 and am already thinking about my dissertation and final major project, I've also started two new part time jobs in retail which has been keeping me very busy.

To celebrate the end of the uni year I went with my coursemates to Star Glazers in Falmouth a new pottery painting cafe, I haven't been to one of these in years ( I remember have birthday parties at cafes like this as a young kid) so I set my self very low standards and had no clue where to start with my design but I am so happy with my final cup, some pretty free hand flowers in pinks and purples pretty,

Obviously another highlight would have to be my birthday, (read more about it here) but my best friends spoiled me rotten and I had the best day (assuming most of you guys love La la land too how lush is this card) 

My favourite films, books and music include
 - 20th century women, we went to see this at the poly in Falmouth at the start of May and I am still obsessed with it. If you like films like Dazed and Confused you'll love it but it has so many more themes running through with cross - generational relationships, music, politics and feminism. The sound track is amazing too. I love it because its one of those films that are aesthetically pleasing so beautiful to watch yet the story lines are so amazing. It also had some really funny moments....seriously just go watch it!
- Man Men, a few years too late to this party but I'd heard so much about "one of the best shows of the decade" and the other titles it's received plus who doesn't love Jon Ham, I'm only one season in but I am loving it, again the music and fashion is amazing. Again its covering great themes such as the pill coming into place and women's role in the work place.
- Pretty little liars, not so critically great but I recently re-watched most of it in aid of the last ten episodes and actually still think the show before mid season 4 was amazing. The current new episodes are just getting and bit weird but I'm still obsessed with the characters. Plus I just want Hanna and Caleb and Toby and Spencer to end up back together, I used to love Aria and Ezra too but now I'm not so sure how I feel about those two. 
- Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, my only book favourite is here because I've recently been getting more and more into poetry and this is a great author to start off with I think. This poems are very relevant to the 21st century and super relatable.   
- Malibu by Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus was one of the first people I obsessed / 'Fangirled' over and clearly that never stopped her newest single is just beautiful and I'll probably have it on repeat all summer long.
- Harry Styles by Harry Styles this final favourite I am finding weird to write. I am loving music from someone who used to be in One Direction and its just weird. When One direction were really big I was in high school and in the 'emo phase' the idea of liking one direction or anyone like them was horrific but yep I've fallen for Harry Styles in all his Gucci dressed charm. This album is perfect pop rock, easy listing and to get you into classic rock artists ( some have described it to have similarities with anyone from Bob Dylan to The eagles). My favourite tracks are Meet me in the hallway, Two Ghosts, Kiwi and Carolina.

My final favourites / highlight is the launch of Undergrad magazine which will be launched for sale online soon (I'll add the link as soon as I can). It is a magazine founded by a graduate of my course at Falmouth university all about the amazing fashion and photography talent in and around Falmouth... so cool! Plus its a little lug to my first piece of published writing, I wrote an article about "21st century feminism and fashion" and am loving developing my writing skills further. 

It's been a great few months and I am in Cornwall on my own (all me uni friends have gone home for summer) busy working but looking forward for summer to get into full swing. Hope you are all well?

Love Charlotte