Monday, 22 May 2017

Tropical Prints - Style post

Hey Guys,
I hope you enjoyed last weeks post as today's outfit post is from the same location, shot at Trebah Gardens. 

Shirt - Zara
Jeans - Gap
Jacket (round waist) - Gap
Backpack - Nica
Sandals - Next

For someone who as a kid hated flowers, "What's the point they just die, rubbish present" I am now obsessed with all the flowers. I adore this shirt for the summer, blue has always been one of my favourite colours to wear. It is so light weight it will be so nice as the weather keeps getting warmer (here's hoping eh?). The top button is very low so it can gape a be quite boob-y. Plus Trebah (tropical gardens) was a very fitting back drop for such a tropic print.
It is another one of my classic outfits that are supper comfy but because of the print it's a little more than just a t-shirt and jeans.
I'm still loving my new backpack, its perfect for adventures. Think its the only bag I have that I can fit my DSLR in.

Love Charlotte

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