Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Stripes and polka dots - Style post

Hey Guys,

Shirt : TU at Sainsburys
Jeans: Gap
Belt : Primark
Shoes : Vans
Backpack : Nica

Yesterday my friends and I took a walk to Enys gardens as the bluebells are in full bloom at the moment, we knew this would be the perfect photo backdrop. It was just the cutest day walking around these beautiful gardens in the sun. It's my birthday later this week and so far my 'birthday week' has been full of baking, cinema trips (we saw 21st century women which I am in love with) and adventures with my friends.
The blue stripped shirt has been all over instagram of recent and I am loving all these ones with a little twist like the red panelling on this shirt which I still cant believe I got in Sainsburys. Now backpacks have been something I've not worn since I left high school but this one which I choose from Nica as part of a mothers day prize (mum and I each got to choose a bag in celebration of mothers day) I am obsessed with, its such a soft leather that its not at all stiff when its not full but there is so much room inside I've only had it a week or so now and have used it every day since. Plus I love wearing the polka dot print on the back clashing with other prints like these stripes.

Hope you are enjoying the spring bloom just as much as I am this season.

Love Charlotte

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