Monday, 17 April 2017

The pressures of fashion blogging - Style post

Hey guys,

Scarf - Topshop 
Jeans - Primark 
Shoes - Zara 

Off the shoulder tops, standard most of us are wearing one of these at the moment. I hadn't seen one I liked enough to jump on the bandwagon until this colour fabric, I'm always drawn to dark pinks / wine colours. Teamed with my favourite accessory of the moment that I've not really sure how to wear, skinny scarfs, this one a very 70's inspired scarf with the tassel trim I think. 

I managed to get into such a good routine with my outfit shoots over the last few months and have been so much happier with the photos I've been putting out but god this shot was a disaster. I've recently been so happy with the few outfit posts I've got out that I constantly want to get more posts out, it's really motivated me but its always been my go to thing to place the blame on but these are the only posts I can't do all own my own. I blog completely unstructured, just start typing late at night when I have some ideas but obviously I can't do that with outfit posts. I spend most days with my gals at uni but how many of these days do I not look hungover or have my camera with me, or the weather good it just never happens but then I hate to actually make a big fuss and organise an afternoon just to shoot. Over the years the people who have shot for me have only ever done it as favours for me. However its also pretty good because I have never been able to shot with even a friend who I'm not as close with, with us because I can get pretty awkward doing these shoots, I'll make us walk around endless streets because the perfect background has too many people walking past us. As I said shooting with my loves Esmee and Immy has been so good recently and helped me really get back into blogging so yah!

These photos would have been amazing by my 2014 standards (down to so many reasons, mainly the amount I posted but 2014 was the best year of blogging for me), back then everyone, even the most famous fashion bloggers could do an outfit post on a tripod shot in their room or garden with bad lighting and it would be fine but way! Fashion blogger have become on par with editorial shoots in terms of photography which is amazing but god I also miss the days when posts like this was something I was excited to post.

I hope you enjoyed this badly lit outfit post turned into a little ramble. If you've been reading blogs and / or blogging for as long as I have how do you feel about the change in pressure for the highest possible quality content?

Love Charlotte

P.S - this post was originally titled 'the worst outfit post in yrs' but thought this title was a lil more professional. 

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