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This time next year tag - Lifestyle post

Hey guys,

Glendurgan / Helford river beaches (my fave place)

I saw this tag on twitter from Claire Louise  and even though I haven't been tagged, taking about goals here is something I've been meaning to do since the new year. Back in January I started my first bullet journal (let me know if you'd like a more detailed post on this stuff / my thoughts on bullet journaling) and started planning my months and goals a lot more than I ever have before, its been something I've found really useful. However for the purpose of this tag I am just talking about 5 goals I have given myself for the next year / not necessarily goals, just where I'll be in a year.

My bullet journal from Tiger, Italian phrase book I bought from Anthropologie  and a notebook from Home Sense.

This time next year...

I'll be nearly graduating 

This is a thoughts thats already on my mind, without wishing uni away or sounding silly I just can;t believe I have finished my second year of uni already pretty much. I am supposed to decide my dissertation topic by two weeks time already which is terrifying. The main part of my 3rd year is a final major project which is a free brief to create a business concept people have done runway events, in store concepts, shopping apps, magazines and more so its super exciting as this is where i have to start thinking about all the areas I've covered in my degree so far and to start thinking about where I want to specialise to therefore work after graduating. So this time next year I will have done my dissertation and have about a month before I hand everything else in so will be swapped in work and stress I am sure of it. This also means I'l be coming to the end of my three years living in Cornwall which already makes me really sad. I normally go back to Cardiff as soon as my last lecture of term finishes but now I'll be staying down here for at least two months of summer as I have a part time job so will be making the most of living in such an amazing place.

I am to continue to develop my blog

This was a big one for me in the new year I looked back on everything I've done on A Fashion Oddity and what worked well. I tweeted a lot about this the other night (poll still running here) how my favourite posts to put up are outfit posts, they are also my most popular but being able to shoot with a friend at hand to photograph for 2 posts a week is not always possible so I have loads of other posts ideas running round, more on the budget shopping tips, music / films etc but I'm not sure. I've recently been focusing more on Instagram and I'm getting close to 1,000 followers (follow at 'afashionoddity'). Of course in my bullet journal I do have a stat tracker but its not overly important I am just aiming to be consistent with my posts I would love to get one outfit posts and one other post (reviews, lifestyle, beauty literally anything else) up a week.

Keep learning new skills 

I always start the new year saying the same thing. 'I need to read more, watch better films etc to consume more art and be a lot more creative' like always this still stands but my main two for the next year are to learn some more Italian, I currently have been using the app 'duolingo' a few nights a week which has been really good and just bought my second phrase book. I'll be going out to Italy again in August so that trip will help too. Secondly I want to properly start learning to drive, I got my provisional license when I first turned 17 and so far have had one lesson with my dad so it will be pretty unrealistic (mainly fanatically) to pass my test this year but I need to actually make a start. 
Some other ways I hope to keep learning is obviously alongside my degree by hoping to get more industry based  work experience. 

Planing and thinking about the future is something I now really enjoy, hope you enjoyed this little look into my plans for the next year. 
I haven't tagged anyone but if you go on to do this post after seeing this please tweet me the link at 'afashionoddity'

Love Charlotte

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