Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Hashery / #summeriscoming - Blogger event

Hey guys,

On Monday evening I was invited over to The Hashery in Cardiff to have a sneaky look at their summer menu which is launching next week (commencing 24th April).
The Hashery is a bar and restaurant perfectly situated near the castle in Cardiff city centre. I first went there back in December, when they'd just opened with my friends and we had an amazing night. The best thing about this bar for me was always the fact their cocktails are 2 4 1, 24/7 which is just amazing. Therefore its somewhere I go for cocktails on a night out and never somewhere I'd considered going for food...but I will now.

We arrived to an amazing display and a glass of prosecco,  I got chatting straight away to Charlie and Sheri.

I've always loved the decor at the Hashery with the fairy lights and a ceiling covered in comic cool.

Then we had a talk through the new additions to their food menu. Generally everything is priced at £10 and under with a set lunch menu at £7 which is an amazing price for right in the city centre too.

First we got to try the mezze boards and one of my highlights were their giant mozzarella dippers which are fried in nachos, I am obsessed with mozzarella dippers but these were on a whole new level.

The mussels along with the cocktails what I knew The hashery for. There's a huge selection of 'sauces' to choose from I've been recommended to try the thai green mussel dish. The mussels are locally sourced (like most of the ingredient for example I know all the bread is supplied from a bakery at Cardiff market)

Now things got messy, we tried first the 'hot mess' which is a spiced bolognise sub style dish. Then another highlight of mine was the new minute steak which was such a tasty, high quality piece of meat. We also tried the steak sandwich and an ultimate burger, fried pickles and some of the best onion rings.

Finally we moved over to the bar to be talked through there is a lot of new additions to the cocktail menu, six I think. My favourite cocktails were the summer garden party and an elder-flower based one both with gin. Then they have added the two summer essentials of sangria and pims, amazing. Along with the electric blue tea now including a charity donation. 

I had a great evening trying these amazing treats and chatting to some new friends. I can't express how much I love this place and its definitively on my top places to go in Cardiff now. 

Love Charlotte

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