Monday, 10 April 2017

New day knitwear - Blogger meet up

Hey guys,

Just wanna tell you all about a blogger event I went to last weekend. It was my first blogger event in Cornwall (being based between Cardiff and Cornwall has made blogger communities really hard to stick with) I've nearly finished my second year of uni so it was about time I met some other bloggers down here.

 So what is New Day knitwear?

Basically an amazing social enterprise linking creativity (mainly in the form of crochet) with mental health support. There are a few aspects to New day including the online club which is all free and the  'Made by you' kits. Stacie's (the founder) story really enforced the ethos of the brand and its so inspiring. 

The event 

Stacie's studio is in the super creative Old bakery studios in the centre of Truro. Once we all (I got to meet Hannah, Anna, Niki and Chloe)  arrived and jumped into the intros out came the lunch, including some of the best sausage rolls I've had in ages. Over food Stacie explained her background, her mental health story and explained in a lot more detail about what New day knitwear does. We then started disusing our own experiences which was really nice, to be able to talk with 5 girls we'd never met before on a subject like this. Above you can see the little set-up of goodies Stacie kindly gave us all each including an amazing illustration postcard which I'm obsessed with and its gone straight on my wall, a little positivity jar which is on my desk for when I need a positive reminder whilst working and the patterns for the choker we would be attempting.
Then came the crocheting, I have never attempted crocheting nor anything similar like knitting and was prepared for disasters ahead, especially when we realised 4 of us were left handed which made it harder for Stacie to demonstrate to us.
However I actually surprised myself with how much I enjoyed the little bit I tried, it was so relaxing which just confirmed for me how perfect the whole concept of New day is, straight away I understood how picking up some crochet as I feel myself getting anxious could really help. I didn't exactly perfect a choker but for a first attempt I was pretty proud. 

So thanks to Stacie for a lovely afternoon and showing me a new hobby, possibly! You can find out more about New day knitwear here and find them on twitter here.

Love Charlotte

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