Wednesday, 8 March 2017

International women's day 2017

Hey Guys,

So today it's one of the best days of the year right? It's International women's day, which for me is just a great day to think about all the amazing women who inspire me and to reflect on how we can support each other. However in this post I thought I'd just share a few of my feminism favourites, basically like a monthly faves but the feminist edition right?

The main area here is books, over the last few years I've bought so many non-fiction books on topics like feminism and girl power so here are a few I heavily recommend.
 My two favourites that I've really learnt the most from are - The no - nonsense guide to women's rights which I picked up from Beerwolf in Falmouth (it's pub with a bookshop in, guys!)
- Girl up - (not pictured because I am an idiot an left it at home over the Christmas holidays, but mentioned in this post) This book is great, especially for someone who is just getting in interested in feminism its so easy to read and full of illustrations. Its the perfect balance between informative and funny. The book is written by the amazing Laura Bates who started the everyday sexism project (which you must follow on social media).

This little zine I got from Etsy all about amazing women in history. 

Now these two just arrived earlier this week and I am so excited to read them both, I have been a massive fan of Caitlin Moran's work and #girlboss is one of the most blogger / instagrammed books of recent but I am looking forward to the career motivating content.

Documentaries and TV 

She's always beautiful when she's angry - One of my favourite Netflix documentaries I've seen so far. Its all about the 2nd wave of feminism in America, mainly focusing around when the pill first came around. What I loved most about this documentary is the women who's story it tells from the 60's are also interviewed from the present taking about how they feel about 3rd wave feminism and everything that's happened because of their work which I found really emotional to watch. 

Miss. Representation - I watched this film only last week, its all about the representation of women in the media and the long term damage this has on the viewers, definitely worth a watch too. 
Now a few not quite a serious shows but they have still managed to inspire me. 

Parks & Rec - The amazing sit-com starring Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope who motivates me in so many way from her passion and enthusiasm for her work to the way she supports and loves her friends. I don't think I've ever wanted to be friends with a fictional character more. I also discovered this show as I began getting interested in politics and this show weirdly encouraged that. 

Sex and the city - another weird mention possibly, as watching it in 2017 you can notice flaws but it is a perfect example of girl power or simply great friendships and supporting your friends. But we can also talk about Miranda and Sam both being pretty kick ass. I personally found Samantha's attitude and confidence so inspiring in terms of self-confidence in the dating department. 


There are way too many female musicians I adore I thought it would be better to must share my kick ass women spotify playlist with you - includes Beyonce, No doubt, a load of riot girl punk bands, a few of my current faves (Angel Olsen and Hinds), beautiful classic songs from gals like Carole King and Nina Simone and really thought provoking songs like The Pill by Loretta Lynn or Just because I'm a woman by Dolly Parton. Although I am sure I've missed out loads of women. 

Bloggers and Youtubers 

Just want to mention a few women who created super feminist content in my opinion.
- Vix Meldrew's dating and sex positive blog posts!
- Catitude &Co for super no BS postives on all kinds of topics (period sex, creating positive sex environment, feminist make up brands and more)
-  Leena Norms, this girls youtube channel is one of my favourites she is just a super raw, honest feminist and a great channel for feminist recommendations and poetry. She is also part of the banging book club where once a month three of my fave youtubers (Lucy Moon, Hannh Witton [if you don't already also subscribe to these two gals] and Leena) read and review books around sex and feminism such as Lolita.

Finally just a massive love to the five best gals (Ya know who you are Eve, Esmee, Immy, Immie and Jess) in my life. Who are there for me always, make me laugh, probably have looked after me when I got too drunk at least once and always support me! x

cardiff, friends, cocktails

university friends

Hope you enjoyed this post and are celebrating international women's day too. Please share with me in the comments any similar books, docs, bands etc that you think I'd like based on the ones I've been taking about. 

Love Charlotte

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