Monday, 27 March 2017

Sea blue stripes in St.Ives - Style post

Hey Guys,

 Top - Primark
Skirt - Primark
Jacket - Gap
Boots - Primark

Last weekend two of my uni friends and I drove down to St.Ives for the day. I hadn't been since freshers week (a year last September) and was so excited. It was a pretty windy day especially walking along the main seafront (hence my hair is a complete mess in these outfit photos). St. Ives is always the best day, we explored some of the smaller art galleries (as the Tate is still closed under renovation) walking along the front trying not to get blown away and exploring a few of the shops. My top recommendation is Academy & Co, an amazing boutique and we also stopped for cake in Scoff Troff, my go to when in St. Ives.

Now this outfit was another massive bargain, I got this top perfect for British spring because its a thin pastel stripped knit for £3 in the Primark sale in Truro the other week, the blue denim skirt I also picked up in Cardiff Primark for £3 back at the end of last summer but hadn't really worn it up till recently. Finally the jacket was another one of the bargains mum and I picked up before Christmas with those amazing Gap codes (that I talked about in this post)

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Love Charlotte

Monday, 20 March 2017

Floral Ruffles with Shoptagr finds - Style post

Hey Guys,

Jeans - Primark 
Boots - Primark 

The ruffle trend is everywhere at the moment, its been so hard to avoid the stripe / gingham fabrics with ruffles and massive sleeves. But this beauty is a ruffled shirt in a purple floral fabric which caught my eye I lot more. I first saw this top in the sale in Marks back in January but couldn't justify it (probably before January student loan came in) but straight after added it to my Shoptagr (Read more about this amazing tool in this post) wishlist and got notified when it went down even further to £15 a few weeks later so then I ordered it.
Second absolute bargain in this post is these little purple snake skin print boots from Primark which I spotted reduced down to £3! Three pound for a pair of boots, I'm still not over it to be honest.

What I love about this outfit is how its a nod to this massive spring trend but still in my usual more A/W colour palette.

I hope you're all enjoying the new theme in my posts mentioning my bargain finds. Also we attempted to shoot this look then realising I'd not put an SD card back in my camera so had to resort to the trusty iPhone 6 camera.

Love Charlotte

Monday, 13 March 2017

The Leopard print coat - Style post

Hey Guys,

leopardprintcoat, leopardprint, denim, style

leopardprintcoat, coat, spring, denim

leopardprint, coat, denim

gap, new look, leopardprint, mesh, jumper, spring

Coat - New Look 
Jumper - Gap 
Belt - Primark 
Boots - Primark 

The leopard print coat is such a classic piece that I've always loved but have never been able to fit into my wardrobe. Fur coats are one thing I've lusted over and haven't even been brave enough to wear fur coats let alone a leopard print one. Over this winter season though there was a lot of leopard print coats similar to this one on the high street. I first fell in love with one form New Look that was everywhere it was basically this coat but in grey. However I didn't need a new coat and couldn't justify spending much on one, until the day my student fiance came in when I spotted this version of the coat in my local store heavily reduced at the end of the post Christmas / January sales from around the £60 mark to £15. So I knew for £15 I had to pick up this classic leopard print coat (I am aiming to do more posts about my shopping habits and bargain hunting, the first one is here) that I think looks a lot more expensive than £15. I am also glad I didn't spend loads on one as I have only worn it a few times because most days I wear busy tops that just clash with this coat. But this combination has become a regular for this weather that's still jumper/ winter weather but we are moving into spring. Plus I am just loving my mom jeans with this belt and this mesh jumper I got last year in a gap sale which is a subtle touch to all the mesh / fishnet style trends around at the moment.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Also I was so nervous about these photos because this shoot was a nightmare between the strong wind meaning my hair was all over the place but also strong sun in my eyes meant I was flinching or had my eyes closed in 90% of the photos.

Love Charlotte

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

International women's day 2017

Hey Guys,

So today it's one of the best days of the year right? It's International women's day, which for me is just a great day to think about all the amazing women who inspire me and to reflect on how we can support each other. However in this post I thought I'd just share a few of my feminism favourites, basically like a monthly faves but the feminist edition right?

The main area here is books, over the last few years I've bought so many non-fiction books on topics like feminism and girl power so here are a few I heavily recommend.
 My two favourites that I've really learnt the most from are - The no - nonsense guide to women's rights which I picked up from Beerwolf in Falmouth (it's pub with a bookshop in, guys!)
- Girl up - (not pictured because I am an idiot an left it at home over the Christmas holidays, but mentioned in this post) This book is great, especially for someone who is just getting in interested in feminism its so easy to read and full of illustrations. Its the perfect balance between informative and funny. The book is written by the amazing Laura Bates who started the everyday sexism project (which you must follow on social media).

This little zine I got from Etsy all about amazing women in history. 

Now these two just arrived earlier this week and I am so excited to read them both, I have been a massive fan of Caitlin Moran's work and #girlboss is one of the most blogger / instagrammed books of recent but I am looking forward to the career motivating content.

Documentaries and TV 

She's always beautiful when she's angry - One of my favourite Netflix documentaries I've seen so far. Its all about the 2nd wave of feminism in America, mainly focusing around when the pill first came around. What I loved most about this documentary is the women who's story it tells from the 60's are also interviewed from the present taking about how they feel about 3rd wave feminism and everything that's happened because of their work which I found really emotional to watch. 

Miss. Representation - I watched this film only last week, its all about the representation of women in the media and the long term damage this has on the viewers, definitely worth a watch too. 
Now a few not quite a serious shows but they have still managed to inspire me. 

Parks & Rec - The amazing sit-com starring Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope who motivates me in so many way from her passion and enthusiasm for her work to the way she supports and loves her friends. I don't think I've ever wanted to be friends with a fictional character more. I also discovered this show as I began getting interested in politics and this show weirdly encouraged that. 

Sex and the city - another weird mention possibly, as watching it in 2017 you can notice flaws but it is a perfect example of girl power or simply great friendships and supporting your friends. But we can also talk about Miranda and Sam both being pretty kick ass. I personally found Samantha's attitude and confidence so inspiring in terms of self-confidence in the dating department. 


There are way too many female musicians I adore I thought it would be better to must share my kick ass women spotify playlist with you - includes Beyonce, No doubt, a load of riot girl punk bands, a few of my current faves (Angel Olsen and Hinds), beautiful classic songs from gals like Carole King and Nina Simone and really thought provoking songs like The Pill by Loretta Lynn or Just because I'm a woman by Dolly Parton. Although I am sure I've missed out loads of women. 

Bloggers and Youtubers 

Just want to mention a few women who created super feminist content in my opinion.
- Vix Meldrew's dating and sex positive blog posts!
- Catitude &Co for super no BS postives on all kinds of topics (period sex, creating positive sex environment, feminist make up brands and more)
-  Leena Norms, this girls youtube channel is one of my favourites she is just a super raw, honest feminist and a great channel for feminist recommendations and poetry. She is also part of the banging book club where once a month three of my fave youtubers (Lucy Moon, Hannh Witton [if you don't already also subscribe to these two gals] and Leena) read and review books around sex and feminism such as Lolita.

Finally just a massive love to the five best gals (Ya know who you are Eve, Esmee, Immy, Immie and Jess) in my life. Who are there for me always, make me laugh, probably have looked after me when I got too drunk at least once and always support me! x

cardiff, friends, cocktails

university friends

Hope you enjoyed this post and are celebrating international women's day too. Please share with me in the comments any similar books, docs, bands etc that you think I'd like based on the ones I've been taking about. 

Love Charlotte

Monday, 6 March 2017

Shoptagr / Shopping tips

Hey Guys,

I briefly mentioned a few posts ago that I wanted to start a 'new blog series' by that I mean just a number of posts taking about my shopping habits because all my friends always comment on how I'm such a bargain hunter or getting out my vouchers and I hardly ever pay full price for anything so why not start sharing my tips?

SO the first tip I want to share with you all is an amazing platform that I discovered a few months ago called Shoptagr. Which I now use most days. When I first understood the concept I thought it was great but wouldn't actually stick with using it or it would just be too complicated to get anything out of anything but this isn't the case at all.

Once I set it up with the widget in my browser as you are browsing any online shopping website you can just click the shoptagr logo and the clothing item will be saved to you shoptagr page.

widget, shoptagr, browser

SO this is where it gets really useful as it has more than one use.
- You are saving all these clothes into a wishlist (you can view mine here), personally ASOS is the best site for keeping a wishlist but this is your wishlist for every store combined into one place and you have the option to share it aka email it to family members when ma birthday is coming up or on social media.
- Now this is why I began using it because as I said I hardly ever buy anything full price (obviously there are boring essentials I probably pay full price for) but this is definitely true with clothes. I spend days shopping with mum or friends saying "Oh that's lush, Ill keep an eye out for that in the sale" but 9 times out of 10 I'll forget about the item or will just never see it again because of how fast the in-store turnover and stock change is now. So the beauty of shoptagr is once you've added an item to your account / lists you'll get an notification when there is any discount on it!!! basically my dream!!
- Another thing it can notify you on is if something as sold out and then when its back in stock which is also so useful.

You homepage, clear view of all the items you've tagged and easy to search / share lists and then click through to actually buy the item 

The notification tab, for me I don't get notified too often in my browser but obviously this is purely depending on how much you are tagging. 
Shoptagr is great for me and it does exactly what they aimed as it saves so much time and money when it comes to online shopping, I just know to hold off and wait for something to be reduced which can be ask quick as 3/4 weeks at the moment I barely do online shopping at the moment (student lyf and all) but I can imagine how annoying it would be to order something that in your list and then a few days later, maybe even before the package has arrived you get the notification from Shoptagr that its now half price, why do that to yourself guys.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are looking forward of these style posts, let me know in the comments if you do try Shoptagr .

Love Charlotte

P.S as hard as it maybe to believe this post is not sponsored by Shoptagr, I have spoken to them about it and they were involved to an extent but only because I contact them letting them know I wanted to write about it.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Mind the Gap - Style Post

Hey Guys,

Jumper - Gap
Jeans - Gap
Belt - Primark / my mate made me get this belt by telling me it was very 'Johnny Depp'
Boots - Primark

Gap has been one of those high street brands that I have a weird a relationship with, by this I mean I love the brand so much yet never actually shop there or even go in store. I have great memories of Gap kids from being a child. My mum and her good friend were both obsessed with Gap for the kids clothes. I remember moving from Bristol to Caerphilly and not seeing this friend who was like an "Auntie" to me as much but like clock work before my birthday a big gift box from Gap would arrive with an outfit would arrive from her, usually very pink frilly and I lot of cardigans I remember hating at the time. Also for the Gap hoodie which every kid at some point had one which they lived in, I remember mine so well was a light blue with the navy gap logo and I wore it non stop.
That's what I loved about gap was the childhood memories I associate with the brand and the iconic pieces we all have from them but it hasn't been some where I really thought about shopping for myself as an "adult"/ teen.

But recently they've made their way back onto my radar, I mean did you all see the amazing #doyou campaign with some of my fave bloggers (Including Megan Ellaby and Leanne from Thunder and threads ).

Then last semester at uni we had an amazing guest lecture from a marketing coordinator at gap. Which was just amazing other than taking about her role and marketing in general we had a history of the brand which was so cool how they started in San Francisco targeted at teens, stocking lots of denim brands as well as records. We also talked a lot about the current love for nostalgia and there current limited collection which has been re-releasing some of their most iconic pieces from the 90s and again the campaign is amazing (not just because Naomi Campbell features). This talk put gap back in my mind to browse when online shopping and I have been missing out. In the run up to Christmas especially the offers they were running were insane which as we all know by now is probably the main thing I look for when shopping. On the homepage there was a lucky draw for various vouchers or prizes and we got a 30% off everything, then I automatically went to the sale looking at essentials and decided to try some mom style jeans and these ones were in the sale from around £45 to like £18 and then we had the 30% off and all I know is in the end I paid £8.99 for these jeans which is just amazing for gap quality. Mum and I had made a few online orders by this point with all the discount codes we were getting and have now started going into the store in Cardiff again when we spotted this jumper in the sale and fell in love, there was only one left in an XXS so we were gutted but I tried it on anyone because it didn't look that small (since got it online in the XS but it is actually meant to be a super oversized tunic so this fit is much better for me). I remember saying to mum on the way to town that I did not need to buy any more knitwear that day but I am just sucker for this colour combination of Purple, pink and blues (if you couldn't tell by my hair.....speaking of my hair I randomly decided to cut a few inches off the length myself the other evening and it actually went alright ? and I'm loving have shorter hair again).

Not sure how this post has turned out so long but hope you enjoyed, I swear this post is not in collaboration with gap I've just been obsessed recently !

Love Charlotte