Thursday, 19 January 2017

What I got for Christmas 2016 - Lifestyle

Hey Guys,

It's no surprise that I am getting this post up way too late as per but I want to share with you a few of my favourite presents I received for Christmas this year.

Firstly is beauty and a few of those standard stocking fillers I get most years like classic slipper socks, carmex (an essential product for me) and a cute set of three mini notebooks. Beauty wise mum helped this poor student out a replaced my foundation (True match by L'Oreal) with a liquid highlighter and the Nude palette in Rose. I also had a Plum lipstick gift set from Limited Marks & Spencer and a standard soap & glory gift set which includes in my fave body products.

What would Christmas be without a few 'coffee table' books probably from Urban outfitters eh? I asked for the 36 hours in Europe because I just love reading about all the cities I will never actually go to (well not in the next few years anyway) like Copenhagen, the secret history of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost himself and my dad knows I have recently become obsessed with Twin Peaks and all things Lynch so of course I need to book. 
Fashion book wise oh these are some gooduns - Men of style looks at all the famous men who have influenced fashion with their impeccable style from Bowie to Frank Sinatra - Self Styled which gives the profile of so many people with 'wild style' think Iris Apfel and co - Style Tribes the fashion of subcultures is probably my favourite although kinda out of shot in this photo which goes through the history of subcultures and every subculture from the starters like teddy boys to the more recent and loved by myself emo subculture.

Clothesssss (are really hard to show well in haul posts) these are just a few that shot the best in a flatlay I also had a few jumpers and a new pair of jeans along with the shown Gap joggers, this very cute metallic 90s crop top and my new loves these purple velvet wide leg trousers. From my grandparents I had my first pair of fashion trainers (haven't owned sportswear since year 9 PE probably) if you know me well you'll probably know that I don't understand the whole trainers as a fashion piece thing but I decided I wanted these ones from Vans when looking for a practical black everyday shoe or boots with my nan, because they are high tops they can still work like boots or trainers for me which is great. Now these little black pumps from Zara I picked up after Christmas myself actually for the bargain price of £12.99 from £50 and I am still not over them really, I find ballet pump shoes really annoying because I cant wear any shoes with that little support that just slip off at the heal but with these beauties that is no longer an issue, being black leather (yes, real leather) plus since buying these I have seen loads of similar designer ones on blogs and my Instagram feed mainly the Miu Miu lace up buckle ballet pumps.

Hope you enjoyed this post even just as a haul as its pretty late for an 'What I got for Christmas' and are all having an amazing start to 2017!

Love Charlotte

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