Monday, 20 November 2017

Cord trousers / Style post

Hey guys,

We all know how happy I am that cords have become cool again, I spoke about the cord jacket in this post and now I finally got a pair of cord trousers. 

I had this great pair of purple straight leg cords as a kid from Gap that I lived in for as long as I could until they no longer fitted and I was on the hunt for a replica of those.

Top - ASOS / Cords - Marks and Spencer / Ring - Accesorize / Jacket - Primark / Shoes - Vans

So I found the perfect pair after a long search shopping in Exeter after trying Zara, Gap and Urban Outfitters with no luck we saw these in Marks. I went straight for the purple obviously, classic. They are the perfect straight leg fighting, they are a little long but it looks cool rolled up I think. Best part was the price, I was shocked but they are only £19.50. So if you are looking for some staple cord trousers this season I am recommending these plus there is 6 colours to choose from.

Styling wise I have one thing on my mind at the moment, stranger things! After we re-watched season 1 and the release of season 2, the late 70s early 80s aesthetic is all I can think about. Katie from Steal the spotlight has a new YouTube series around the costumes on iconic shows and films which began with Stranger things and an interview with the costume designer who explained that a lot of  the obvious iconic 80s trends (e.g. neon and leg warmers) didn't become relevant to the late 80s especially outside of the main cities hence a lot of the style in Stranger Things like the colour palette and cords are usually associated with 70s style. At the moment I'm only buying things if they vaguely resemble something Nancy Wheeler could wear, with my own take hence the purple too. Next I'm just on the hunt for lots of big knits in the earthy tones, a mustard or orange.

Love Charlotte

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Alligated, The Art life and other films I'm obsessing over

Hey Guys,

Something I little bit different tonight, I wanna talk about films a few I've seen recently that I can't stop thinking about and a few I am super excited to see.

I'm sure you all know how obsessed I am with David Lynch, the other week I went to see David Lynch the art life which left me feeling even more in awe of his work than I was before. I am always inspired by his aesthetic especially that of Twin Peaks. The art life is essentially a biopic but obviously its so much more than just his life story. Some essential viewing for any of us into film, art and Lynch.

Sticking with the Lynchian theme I wanna talk about Alligated, a short film inspired by Lynch and 'It follows' a horror that's next on my to watch list. Alligated  follows a strange young boy obsessed with crocodiles and alligators who is then accused of murder. A young woman sweeps him up to help him hide away, but are her intentions good? This film aims to look at the relationship between two different characters on the same scale. How do we view people who are different to us? Who can you trust when things don't make sense?

Sounds good right, well the crowndfunder page just went live so please take a look at the trailer, more info and even donate to help fund this wicked new film. I'm sure you'll here loads more about it from me over the coming months. 

Now two films I am so excited to see at the cinema are I, Tonya. If you haven't seen the trailer for this yet, go! I don't know much about the real life events this is based on but it looks amazing and I am just so ready for my love Margot Robbie's true acting skills to get the appreciation she deserves. 

Finally I wanna mention Lady Bird, which is Greta Gerwig's directorial debut. I first saw Greta Gerwig shine in 20th Century woman which I mentioned a few times on here and is still one of my favourite films. Really impressive, thought provoking 'coming of age' films is probably my favourite genre of film if you can group them all together like that and especially one that is directed, wrote by and staring amazing females I know its gonna be important and so far the reviews are looking amazing. 

I hope you enjoyed this sightly different post, a quick look at some super cool films, please leave me any film recommendations based on these films and go and check out the crowdfunder for Alligated. xo

Love Charlotte

Sunday, 29 October 2017

The Graphic Tee - Style post

Hey Guys,

The slogan tee has been a huge trend for quite awhile now but its something I've only now bought into, as I was always looking for slogans I actually agreed with or resonated with, so the feminist and political ones have been my faves. 

Although it doesn't stop just with the slogan tee I am currently obsessed with graphic tees in general from lusting over the Topshop Stranger things collection (I still haven't started season two yet) to vintage band tees. I am also rotating between a back to the future baseball tee and a Prince top I have. 

When it comes to styling graphic tees now, any skirts or trousers I buy have to be able to work just teamed with a graphic tee from prince of Wales check trousers, velvet wide leg trousers and loud skirts. As I teenager I pretty much lived in the graphic tees and different jeans, even a collection of the colour hand print ones from Blue Banana but now I am loving trying to avoid wearing jeans as much. This skirt I picked up for only £7 in the marks sale and I love the wrap detail which makes it a little bit more flattering, plus blue is a colour I've always been told suits me but I don't have enough blue in my wardrobe. 

Top - Topshop sale / Skirt - Marks and Spencer sale / Boots - Primark

With the finishing touch of this season must have, a sock boot. These ones are from Primark at around £10 with the perfect height heel, of course I had to get the in metallic. It has weirdly been a super mild October here in Cornwall but with a leather jacket over the top outfits like this are what I am living in while trying not to wear jeans as much and resisting the need for knitwear so far.
I do wish I had got this top around May time when we were preparing for the last general, would have been perfect for political posts and wearing canvasing but even when we don't have a general election coming up its still so relevant and important to be politically active (look into joining your party) and keeping informed.

Love Charlotte

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Corduroy is the one - How I got key winter pieces in the summer sales / Style post

Hey Guys,

Its that awkward time of year when its freezing cold in the morning but can often get warm mid-day and its just impossible to know what to wear.

So I've been getting back into layering, the tights and under layer tops are back.

fashon, ootd, floral

I hate the approach we have as the seasons change to completely pack up our summer wardrobes, hide them away for next summer and that's it. I love pieces that can be worn in every season like this dress I got in the topshop sale. We all know I'm a massive bargain hunter and love sales shopping and I hate when people say "It's no good shopping in the sales alone because all the clothes are from the last season and can't be worn anymore". It's just not true, yes this dress it a summer dress (note there is a massive cut out back too) perfect with tan sandals and a denim jacket but because of the black elements and yellow being such a huge colour this season I can easily carry it through to this next season. Florals aren't just for Spring.

I also picked up my basic winter boots in the summer sale at Next. Next sales are amazing for multi seasonal pieces as they seem to be such a classic shop that will still have boots, mac coats etc in the summer collection.

Top - ASOS / Dress - Topshop / Jacket - Romwe * / Boots - Next

Finally lets talk about this jacket, corduroy is such a marmite fabric I feel but for some reason I've always loved it. I remember having a pair of burgundy cord trousers from Gap when I was like 8 that my mum loved but they were super uncool at the time but finally its time has come. I love these style jackets, they have such a classic vintage look to them and are pretty practical but now look cool and I love it. The thickness of this particular one isn't ideal but its perfect for this weird transitional weather.

Love Charlotte

* Products marked have been kindly gifted to myself but of course all opinions are my own. x

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Italian Stripes - Style post

Hey Guys.

fashion, ootd, stripes, italy

Hat - Topshop / Sunglasses - H&M / Top - Globa / Trousers - Topshop / Sandals - Clarks 

I know we are all in full on Autumn winter mode now but I still wanna share some summer outfit posts. 
We didn't do much shopping when in Italy, especially in Rome where the shopping probably would have been amazing. The nearest town to the house is L'Aquila which is still in recovery from a major earthquake back in 2009 so the town over time has moved out to a new shopping centre to replace the old town. It was just weird though compared to shopping centres here. Everything was a lot more open plan and in both centres we went to the second half is a massive open supermarket which I found weird. I wanted to buy something from an Italian high street brand and found this cute off the shoulder striped top for about $10 its pretty cute and I wore it a lot in Italy but the shopping experience was very different. I also want to talk about these sandals I wore most days in Italy as they are a pretty practical shoe with a strong grip on the sole for walking but they don't look like a proper walking shoe with the grey suede and a leopard print straps. They were super useful especially for all the touristy tracking around Rome we did. 
I am normally just into Autumn Winter season but with writing up all my Rome posts late, god am I missing summer already.

Love Charlotte

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Through the 'frill' of it all / SheIn review - Style Post

Hey Guys,

Experimenting more with my style more is definitely something I am trying to do more, making conscious decisions to not choose things that are pretty similar to what I already have in my wardrobe.

The obvious way for me to try and dress more bold is through bright colours which I do love but what is so cool about this look is being able to be quite bold but still in black and a t-shirt.

I was recently contacted by the guys at SheIn offered me to sample a piece from the new collection and I always see this as an opportunity to try and be brave, choose something different that I wouldn't normally go for. These trousers have been huge over the last few months and for some reason I associate them with Zara (this is something I think Shein are known for doing is copying Zara), I feel like they had so many takes on the ruffle hem and huge bell bottom trousers last season but I didn't see them all over instagram in huge way, which weirdly left me a bit stumped on how to style them. 

Chocker - Borrowed from housemate(also the photographer, what a babe!)  / Top - also housemates but Topshop / Trousers - SheIn * / Shoes - New Look 

Shein is a brand I have heard of for a few years and have always been a bit sceptical, I had a pre-conception that it was like an online Primark which for me isn't the one (not only ethically) but also because with primark the way we can find the little gems is by seeing them in the flesh first. Now considering they are shipping for China, the delivery process was amazing they arrived in four days I think which is great but when they arrived I at first wasn't too excited, the fabric instantly felt cheap and quite stretchy but the actual shape, hem and having a zip is great. My main issue with these trousers is the sizing as I have said on here many times I am typically a UK size 8-10 so I ordered a medium and at first it was just uncomfortable to pull up over my thighs and still couldn't do the zip up fully which meant I automatically had to pair them with a lose fitting top. But now wearing them I do love the style and I felt slight Abba tribute band vibes but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Styling them with quite an 'urban' loose top and contrasting with small pump heels really works actually and its definitely a look that outside of my normal style but its super fun and I actually felt fabulous in it with these really long ruffles on.

Love Charlotte

* Disclaimer that the item with a * has been sent to me to be included in a post but all opinions and content are my own.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Under the Abruzzo sun - Style post

Hey Guys,

Another week another late summer post from Italy.

These were shot in the garden at my grandparents Italian house, it's in the Abruzzo region which is just East of Rome and the way to Pescara is full of small Italian villages surrounded by the mountains. 

The first day we arrived in Abruzzo at the local supermarket I saw a lady wearing these shorts that I had packed at the bottom of my suitcase so they had to be worn. 

Hat - Topshop / Sunglasses - H & M  / Top - Primark / Shorts - H & M / Jacket - Gap / Sliders - Next

The basics in this outfit are items I've had for wears and don't really think of as an interesting outfit but once I added the new additions of my favourite hat this year and these cool new sunglasses which I bought for $1 a few days earlier in a shopping centre in the main town near the house. I have really grown to hate shorts over the last few years and getting my bare legs out but when its nearer 41 degrees Italian sun sometimes you just have to brave it.  

Love Charlotte

Monday, 11 September 2017

Pool side styling - Outfit post

Hey Guys,

Dressing for the beach or pool usually means choosing something pretty practical, easy to change into the bikini and from the swimwear range like a beach cover up dress or playsuit but this can get boring and most of the time I will be doing something else before or after the beach put don't want to carry multiple outfit changes with me so over this summer I've been ignoring the fact i'm off to the beach later when planning my outfit and it can definitely still work.

Bikini Top and Bottoms - Joules (sold out)
I picked up this bikini in the Joules summer sale and its perfect as I like to have the support of a proper bra but this does it perfectly without looking like a bra, with the high waisted bottoms and the halter neck its really flattering.
It reached 42 degrees some days in Italy so I needed this afternoon swim to cool off. 

Hat - Topshop / Top - Zara / Trousers - Topshop / Sliders - Next 

After our swim we headed to the village Capestrano for ice cream and an evening walk around the castle, aside from having soaking wet hair this outfit was perfect.

Love Charlotte