Thursday, 21 September 2017

Through the 'frill' of it all / SheIn review - Style Post

Hey Guys,

Experimenting more with my style more is definitely something I am trying to do more, making conscious decisions to not choose things that are pretty similar to what I already have in my wardrobe.

The obvious way for me to try and dress more bold is through bright colours which I do love but what is so cool about this look is being able to be quite bold but still in black and a t-shirt.

I was recently contacted by the guys at SheIn offered me to sample a piece from the new collection and I always see this as an opportunity to try and be brave, choose something different that I wouldn't normally go for. These trousers have been huge over the last few months and for some reason I associate them with Zara (this is something I think Shein are known for doing is copying Zara), I feel like they had so many takes on the ruffle hem and huge bell bottom trousers last season but I didn't see them all over instagram in huge way, which weirdly left me a bit stumped on how to style them. 

Chocker - Borrowed from housemate(also the photographer, what a babe!)  / Top - also housemates but Topshop / Trousers - SheIn * / Shoes - New Look 

Shein is a brand I have heard of for a few years and have always been a bit sceptical, I had a pre-conception that it was like an online Primark which for me isn't the one (not only ethically) but also because with primark the way we can find the little gems is by seeing them in the flesh first. Now considering they are shipping for China, the delivery process was amazing they arrived in four days I think which is great but when they arrived I at first wasn't too excited, the fabric instantly felt cheap and quite stretchy but the actual shape, hem and having a zip is great. My main issue with these trousers is the sizing as I have said on here many times I am typically a UK size 8-10 so I ordered a medium and at first it was just uncomfortable to pull up over my thighs and still couldn't do the zip up fully which meant I automatically had to pair them with a lose fitting top. But now wearing them I do love the style and I felt slight Abba tribute band vibes but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Styling them with quite an 'urban' loose top and contrasting with small pump heels really works actually and its definitely a look that outside of my normal style but its super fun and I actually felt fabulous in it with these really long ruffles on.

Love Charlotte

* Disclaimer that the item with a * has been sent to me to be included in a post but all opinions and content are my own.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Under the Abruzzo sun - Style post

Hey Guys,

Another week another late summer post from Italy.

These were shot in the garden at my grandparents Italian house, it's in the Abruzzo region which is just East of Rome and the way to Pescara is full of small Italian villages surrounded by the mountains. 

The first day we arrived in Abruzzo at the local supermarket I saw a lady wearing these shorts that I had packed at the bottom of my suitcase so they had to be worn. 

Hat - Topshop / Sunglasses - H & M  / Top - Primark / Shorts - H & M / Jacket - Gap / Sliders - Next

The basics in this outfit are items I've had for wears and don't really think of as an interesting outfit but once I added the new additions of my favourite hat this year and these cool new sunglasses which I bought for $1 a few days earlier in a shopping centre in the main town near the house. I have really grown to hate shorts over the last few years and getting my bare legs out but when its nearer 41 degrees Italian sun sometimes you just have to brave it.  

Love Charlotte

Monday, 11 September 2017

Pool side styling - Outfit post

Hey Guys,

Dressing for the beach or pool usually means choosing something pretty practical, easy to change into the bikini and from the swimwear range like a beach cover up dress or playsuit but this can get boring and most of the time I will be doing something else before or after the beach put don't want to carry multiple outfit changes with me so over this summer I've been ignoring the fact i'm off to the beach later when planning my outfit and it can definitely still work.

Bikini Top and Bottoms - Joules (sold out)
I picked up this bikini in the Joules summer sale and its perfect as I like to have the support of a proper bra but this does it perfectly without looking like a bra, with the high waisted bottoms and the halter neck its really flattering.
It reached 42 degrees some days in Italy so I needed this afternoon swim to cool off. 

Hat - Topshop / Top - Zara / Trousers - Topshop / Sliders - Next 

After our swim we headed to the village Capestrano for ice cream and an evening walk around the castle, aside from having soaking wet hair this outfit was perfect.

Love Charlotte

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Lorde's make-up look at VMA's - Beauty post

Hey Guys,

We all know by now just how much I've become obsessed with Lorde this year, Melodrama is just a masterpiece that everyone should listen too. Last sunday the annual VMAs took place and Monday morning as we all got to see the red carpet looks, Lorde stood out for me. I'd like to think its not just because I am always drawn to purple and she was a purple goddess in that feather dress. 

But lets just focus on here make -up look for a moment, I'm just in awe of the balance between simplicity and coloured, sparkly eye make- up.
As soon as I saw these pictures I knew I'd attempt similar looks for all my nights out soon.

I started off doing my base the same as normal with foundation, concealer the contoured for some cheekbones highlight. I also did my brows the same as usual.

L'oreal true match foundation in shade Ivory / Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlights Moon Glow Lights/ SEVENTEEN Define & Conquer Contour Kit / MUA Brow Define Eyebrow Tint - Dark Brown / Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Fair 1/ Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

For the eyes I began with the benefit cream eye shadow as a base, then used the pink sparkly bobbi brown eye shadow stick to add a base colour along with a few of the champagne shades from the Lo'real palette along the crease. Then I used that gorgeous glittery neon purple shade form the Make - up revolution unicorn palette.  
Then my fave parts using this insane lilac (most purple eyeliners are really dark purples but this one was the perfect lilac for this look) eyeliner for a thick straight line across the lash line, now for glitter, I just put some Vaseline onto my make up brush then into the glitter pot before covering my eyelids in a thin somewhat subtle amount of glitter.  
Lorde's lips just have a neutral gloss to them so I used a my lips but better kinda pink shade. 
I know I've achieved this look in probably no similar way to Lorde or her make - up artist but I am obsessed with the outcome and as I said its for sure my new go to look for nights out. 

Hope you enjoyed this beauty post, my friend had been encouraging me to do one for a while too xo

Love Charlotte

Monday, 4 September 2017

My dream dress - Style Post

Hey Guys,

Back around May I spotted this beautiful dress in a Zara and for some reason I fell in love with it, 

I've always been drawn to geographical prints like this one and maps plus with the beach island theme its just perfect.

On the label it actually says its from the accessory range and is meant just as a cover up but online it says its a dress so I ordered it hoping it would fit right and knowing it would be perfect for Italy.

Hat - Topshop / Dress - Zara / Sliders - Next

You may remember my recent post ranting about size on the high street and how another wrap blouse I bought doesn't fit well at all, however this one fits perfectly, I feel so good in this dress with the low cut wrap around the chest and the little frills on each hem it flows so well when we finally got a breeze. It's so lightweight and comfy, it was the perfect thing for 40 degrees heat round Rome. My only issue is wearing it two days in Italy might be all the use I'll get out of it.

Love Charlotte

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

It's a wrap / High street sizing issues - Style post

Hey Guys,

The wrap silhouette is having a huge moment right now between wrap dresses and tops like this one. 

I first spotted this top months ago in Cardiff Topshop and mum an I fell in love with it. Print wise its totally me, I'm forever buying pink, purple floral prints on black.  

But the wrap style was something new for me. In theory its perfect for my figure as it flatters the chest, cinches in at the waist and its then pretty forgiving on the stomach....perfect?
I am sure this is true as I now own a wrap dress from Zara which fits perfectly but this (and another I tried on but had to leave) from Topshop just doesn't fit right and I cant even work out why. I am a size 8 - 10, normally a ten in topshop but this is an eight so I assume its simply too small around the waist for me, yet there is so much bagginess around the chest.

Blouse - Topshop / Jeans - TU at Sainsburys / Watch - Olivia Burton /

The sizing on the high street is something everyone has been talking about at the moment, how in one store you can be an 8 in a skirt and need a 16 in the short which is ridiculous but its simply to do with each item being made in completely different factories or even countries.
However what has always annoyed me is how fashion forgets that boobs are a natural thing that small women can still have. I remember being a size 6 (hahaha those were the days) then we grew some boobs without putting on any weight else where but I therefore had to go up to the 8-10 bracket. I am well aware I could never be a size 6 now but sometimes even with a size 10 in the slightly more fashion conscious high street retailers (Zara and Topshop I'm looking at you) things with fit perfectly but be too tight around the chest, I always have to size up in anything button up and I know that plenty of girls have it worse of than me. I just want clothes to flatter around both boobs and a waist nicely, please and thank you, I'd love to know whats winding you up with sizing on the highstreet?

Love Charlotte

Monday, 28 August 2017

Alone but not lonely - Style 'nd personal post

Hey Guys,

It's been a long time since I did a chatty personal post like this and I've never put personal text along side an outfit post but lets give it a go. So I wanna talk about being alone physically but not being lonely. 

In the romantic sense I am seriously alone, I have only had one actual boyfriend and that was over four years ago. My thoughts on relationships are always changing, as a kid I thought everything just happened the way it did to my parents and grandparents (meet a guy at uni, graduate and marry him a few years later), then as a pre-teen I was pretty much a hopless romantic listening to Taylor Swift love songs but now I'm closest to Samantha out of all the SATC girls probably. I have dated people at uni but no one serious and I know 12 year old me would be surprised at how okay I am with this.

I watched Sex and the city for the first time last summer (shocking I know) and along with many other films / shows and my own amazing friends it kinda changed the way I thought about everything dating and friends wise. Hopefully I am exaggerating I probably realised these things before last summer but every time I re-watch it it reinforces things like how we should just chill out about dating.

I'm trying to be more relaxed about dating and stop with the asking the group chat how I should reply to his weird text and not to put as much pressure on myself for example on those nights we go out with the intention of pulling, yeah they should stop.
I have always been good at just being myself from day one, I don't want to put on a more 'professional' / 'glamorous' or 'cool' version of myself as someone gets to know me, what is the point.

Now aside from dating all through school I was one of those people with 2/3 close friends rather than a massive group and still am. I have three close friends at university and two back home and I know I'm only about to start 3rd year at university so its pretty ridiculous that I'm already worrying about this stuff but I've been thinking about what will have after graduation and we all either get jobs in various cities or move back to our home towns. It'll be the first time since school and uni that I won't see my best friends everyday either at school or due to living down the road from them. I have over a year to prepare for this so it doesn't exactly count on this list of ways I'm alone but not lonely. 

Last year at uni I had a pretty tricky living situation living and I felt like I was living on my own most of the time but I actually grew to love it. Mainly for totally selfish reasons like having complete control over the tele. Due to my part time jobs in Falmouth I've gone back to university pretty early and am living in our new house (with different housemates this year don't worry) on my own for a few weeks. Honestly its harder than I thought, well only after 9pm when its darker, the spiders start to appear and as its technically flats there's always noises from the building so its a little bit creepy but I'm getting used to it.

Hat - Topshop / Top - Urban outfitters / Trousers - TU at Sainsburys / Shoes - Zara

So I've been learning to love my own company, eating out or going to the cinema on my own is totally fine. I love going on little adventures to exploring new towns or long walks on my own too its just super relaxing. I'm not going as far to say all that crap about 'dating yourself'' but I am understanding the importance of taking time to yourself and not depending on company.

P.S hope you enjoyed this wordy style of post from me.

Love Charlotte

Monday, 14 August 2017

A little guide to Pembrokshire - Holiday pt 2

Hey Guys,

My second holiday post from our trip down West Wales is here this time looking at my favourite county (in Wales at least), Pembrokshire.


Saundersfoot is a small town near Tenby that has a beautiful long beach, a harbour and a few streets of shops and cafes. Majority are just traditional British seaside kind of shops but the standout ones are Christkindl which is a lovely gift, home and card shop and I always end up buying presents and little things in there but its not all holiday souvenir specific. Walk on Water is a great surf clothes shop as much as the kind of brands are exactly my style its another kind of shop that I always love to have a browse in on holiday. For food I'd recommend The boathouse which is a beautiful seafood restaurant and bar but there is also a more traditional fish and chip shop with a great a few little cafes too. Finally as every seaside trip should include ice cream my favourite here is from the new Hive Aberareon ice cream parlour which is made using honey rather than sugar and its just amazing.

Carew Castle 

You know how much I love exploring castle well Pembrokshire is full of plenty, notably Pembroke Castle which is one of my all time faves but on this trip we explored Carew Castle which is really  near Tenby and we went one afternoon after having the morning and lunch in Saundersfoot. As a lot of typical medieval castle there are plenty of turrets to climb up and get views of the moat and a mill house further down.


Tenby is probably the most popular town in Pembrokshire and its a great place to stay as it has everything and its very central for other day trips. With multiple beaches, a harbour, colour houses on every street, a castle, boat trips and of course so many cute shops to explore its always been on of my favourite days out in the area. I spoke in more detail about Tenby recommendations in this post but a new discovery in the fuchsia cafe which is a licensed restaurant and florist but the menu is so varied is perfect for brunch or dinner and cocktails or just tea and cake like we did but its such a cute place to sit inside or in the courtyard among flowers.

St. Davids 

St. Davids is the U.K's smallest city but its a beautiful place although apart from the cathedral there isn't much there. We went for lunch at the Grove hotel  then walked through the town there is only a few shops including Window on Wales, TYF a adventure and ladies clothes store, Unsunghero a skateshop with a coffee bar a there is a sweet book shop next to the cathedral walk as well as a Fat Face and a Moshulu. For food there is Cwtch* an award winning restaurant and St. Davids kitchen which is 'from farm to fork' organic restaurant as well as a few farmers markets and cafes.


Finally the end of our trip takes us to the little harbour village of Solva which when driving home (if staying anywhere nearer Tenby, Pembroke or Pendine like I was) is just outside St.Davids and I'd recommend stopping here for an hour before going home for a walk along the harbour and the high street which is so colourful and you'll find a few art galleries, a tea room and a bigger 'Window on Wales' which is a local department store curated full of beautiful seaside esque pieces for the home, wardrobe and family and its another place that we love to have a browse around every time we are in Pembrokeshire.

Hope you enjoyed this look into my favourite places we visited on this holiday (I know there is a so much little towns, castles and especially big beaches I could also talk about in West Wales) but this is definitely enough to fill a weeks holiday appreciating Wales' beauty.

Love Charlotte
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