Friday, 30 December 2016

A Fashion Oddity in 2016

Hey Guys,

This has become an annual thing for me to look back on my blogging game over the last year and collate a post of my favourite posts from the year and this I also want to share so people who have inspired me blogging wise. You can catch up on the first of my 2016 favourites here.

My favourite bloggers over this year, whilst there are so many woman who blog that I love (through following on Twitter and Insta) I actually read blog websites less and less which is really bad but here are just a few babes I recommend.
What Olivia did, wishwishwish, Inthefrow, Salt and chic, Wonderful you, Pages by Megan, Thunder and threads and Zoe London these girls I've followed for years but still seem to be my faves from web layouts, photography, personal style etc they just win the game for me.

Favourite YouTuber's over this year, here I'm trying not to just list the exact same girls as the above topic but a few girls may slip in,
Again Megan Ellaby's youtube game has been insane in recent months with strong fashion videos with informative takes rather than just hauls, similarly to another babe at stealthespotlight does amazing trend based videos with links to runway trends and the best look books, oh and is very into vintage shopping which no one else in subscription list really talks about. Other amazing fashion channels to mention Zoe London, Helen Anderson and Lilly Melrose (both also very creative and great when talking about music). My favourite vloggers of this year have been Rhiannon Ashlee (obvs her main channel too), Dolly bow bow and The fletchers (Tom too), this may or may not have a lil something to-do with their beautiful kids. I also want to mention a few other gals who cover topics like sex, feminism and books - Just kiss my frog (from this poem on Brexit to this video about more ethical fashion) Hannah Witton for the Drunk advice series and sex talk the final girl is Lucy Moon  for poetry and her honest chatty videos - these three girls also work together in a wicked book (another bootuber who I can't ignore is BooksandQuills) series called 'The banging book club' in which they review various books around the themes of feminism and sex. I did not expect to list so many yet my list could go on.

A Fashion Oddity highlights - My blogging game this year has been weak I'll be the first to admit, I have posted the least about of posts in all of the four years I have been blogging.
However I still have a few personal favourites for us to recap on
- The first time I got political on my blog 
- Vintage clothes found their way onto my blog again
- One of the many outfit posts with a seaside background
- And finally my favourite outfit post from the whole year.

My instagram #2016bestnine 

Uni work - In September I began my second year at uni and have enjoyed my course much more, my blog may have fallen behind but I now have an online portfolio and Linkedin profile which is a site I love using as I am currently looking for placement year jobs and internships anything related to marketing or fashion from visual merchandising to social media I am interested in gaining further experience in. 

I hope you enjoyed this varied favourites post and please recommend any bloggers you think I should be following. Also hope you have been having an amazing festive few weeks.

Love Charlotte

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