Thursday, 14 July 2016

Get FED this summer - restaurant review*

Hey Guys,

Summer is finally here and to celebrate my best friend Jess and I headed to FED in Cardiff.
I have been once before with my family so knew roughly what to expect but there have been some new additions to their menu for summer.

They have an amazing new menu of cocktails and mocktails which of course I was excited about. I didn't know which to choose first but I went with one of my favourites the sangria which was just amazing, Jess was sticking with mocktails and loved them. We especially love the little umbrellas they were decorated with.

 Once one of the members of staff bring your drinks you can go on up and grab a plate and begin. Now where to begin is the question the buffet is organised into categories first is the British/ carvery area, sushi, tex mex, Indian, Chinese and Italian. I try to keep each plate quite organised without mixing foods too much.

One thing that makes FED stand out from other eat all you want buffets is the chefs around the buffet who can go something to order which gets brought over to you. This is available in Chinese, Italian and as part of the new super summer range Indian (find out more about this special menu here.). By this point I'd already had enough curry and noodles to burst so I went for Italian I choose seafood risotto which was just amazing and included so much seafood squid, muscles and more although it was missing the main event for me which is prawns. 

Time for more cocktails? This is another one of the summer specials called 'Gummy bear' which as you can guess is very sweet to me it tasted like those old sweets palmer violets...amazing!

The interior is very modern and bright, the restaurant is very spacious and split into different areas. Above (blurry yes) is the quieter area where we were seated. 

After about half an hour talking and drinking we were still pretty full but went to look at the deserts just in case. I was defintely too full for the chocolate fountain or ice cream parlour but took a few mini desserts and cakes some favourites were the brownie cream cake, pistachio cake and creme brulee. There was so much too choose from which is great.

We had an amazing evening of way too much food, amazing summer drinks and it was the best way for me to relax after a long day at work (oh yeah I got a part time job now) and I would recommend a trip to FED next time you are in Cardiff. Find out more here.

Love Charlotte

* Disclaimer - meal was complimentary in return of my honest opinions in a blog post.

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