Sunday, 12 June 2016

The 80s print in bloom - Style post

Hey guys,

The other Sunday my best friend Esmee and myself headed to parklive which is a free concert in the park once a month in Falmouth, it was a great day sat in the sun listening to some of our fave local acts so I took this opportunity to get Esboi on the photography and get some long overdue outfit photos.

My pink hair blending in with the beautiful flowers.

Lace top - Hollister
Skirt - Wild pony (vintage shop, Falmouth) 
Sandals - Primark 

Before going to Falmouth I hardly ever shopped vintage and never went in charity shops but the standard of vintage shops in Falmouth has made it so much easier for me to shop vintage..yet it is still very safe items I usually buy such as flannel shirts and denim but I had to get this amazing skirt which to me just screams 80s curtains but I love it. I'll be wearing this all summer and it was a bargain at only £7.
I was also feeling so 'Falmouth' (student/hippie vibes) with the faded pink hair, vintage skirt, henna tattoos etc. 
I ma a winter girl really and spent most of May moaning about the warmer weather coming, the future of getting my legs out, bright colours but now I am (kind of) love it! 

P.S I am back home in Cardiff for 3 months summer now so hope to get back into blogging although now have even less people toshoot outfit photos with me as my little brothers photography skills don't go too far.

Love Charlotte

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