Thursday, 10 December 2015

UPDATE (Uni Term one) - Lifestyle

Hey Guys,

So its been awhile since I last wrote a blog post. It's been a busy few months as I have just started university. I am studying fashion marketing at Falmouth university in Cornwall.
On the 12th of September I moved into my new accommodation on campus. I have a shared bunk bed room so I was pretty nervous about meeting all the people I'd be living with and I found the first few days really hard but each day became easier as I settled in. Freshers week wasn't quite the wild week people talk about but it was still amazing.

The excitement to move back to England was too real at the time.

First trip to Gylly beach for the scavenger hunt with fashion photography. 

I have already found my favourite chippy in town and had too many cheesy chip butties.

On the Wednesday of Freshers week we had a pub crawl in town.

On the Friday the whole fashion department went on a trip into St.Ives to explore and look round the variety of art galleries.

The first was the Tate. My favourite piece was the room of wishes. The artist had asked the locals to write down something they wish for then as you travel through reading the wishes on the ribbons you choose one you agree with to take. There was some really interesting ones but the one I choose said 'I wish gender, colour and religion didn't matter'

We also went to the Barbara Hepworth sculpture gardens. 

 I found a few other little galleries and my favourite was Millennium gallery and I fell in love with the two above pieces.

All ready for the freshers ball.

My first Cornish pasty

Flat trip to the beach.

All ready for the Wales v England rugby game which was on just before our final freshers event which was Heaven and Hell themed. It was amazing seeing Wales win then drunkingly rubbing it in everyone's face at the party. (sorry English readers)

Heaven and Hell

A day with the flat girls exploring some of the vintage shops in town.

Sunset over campus one day.

One of the many flat nerf gun wars that have taken place.

All ready for the 80's party. aka. the best SU night so far. At the end of October I got to come home for a week which was much needed by this point and it was great to see everyone and celebrate Halloween in Cardiff.
I am not home for Christmas and plan to right another post like this about Halloween to now, hope you enjoyed it and I have loads of posts planned and can't wait to get back into blogging.

Love Charlotte