Monday, 27 July 2015

Rimmel nail varnish - Beauty review

Hey Guys,

It's been awhile, last week was my family holiday so I am working on lots of posts from my holiday and I am looking forward to getting back in the blogging game after a quiet few months.

I love nail varnish, you won't often see me without natural nails and about 60% of my nail polishes are a shade of purple. Yet I keep buying more and this has become one of my favourites.

It's from the Rimmel London Rita Ora collection which I'd never really taken an interest in before as I am not a fan of Rita Ora one bit but I had heard a lot of positive comments about the rimmel nail varnishes.

It's in the shade 'Go Wild-er-ness'

The brush was amazing quality for the drug store as its really wide which makes the application much easier.

Here I have used two coats which gives the right colour and enough shine without using a top coat. The colour is a beautiful lilac that's not too pastel which I love, I have been wearing this and constantly re-applying through-out the summer. It also lasts a good 5 days before chipping for me which is great. 

I will definitely be picking up more shades from Rimmel in the future, which is your favourite?
Also thanks again to Ffion as this was a birthday present from her.

Love Charlotte

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Blackadder the third at Everyman fest - Lifestyle review!

Hey Guys,

So it's been a few weeks since I last posted. I had the final week of my exams which was horrible, full of revision, stress and leaving college behind. The last week has been relaxing and well spent. The day of my last exam I came home from college for the last time, watched a few films with my best friends, pizza and cider then in the evening we met up with a few other friends and went for a walk up the mountain and just sat out watching the sunset over our town which was so rad.
That weekend was spent visiting family with it being fathers day and my nan's birthday.
Then last Wednesday as part of his fathers day present me and dad went into Cardiff. After the drive in blasting You me at Six we walked to the Harvesters on St.Mary's street for a quick meal then we made our way back to Sophia Gardens.
Blackadder is one of my dads favourite TV shows therefore he was so excited, however I have only seen one episode from the second series and three from the third so I didn't really know what to expect from the night.  I found myself excited none the less as I love theatre especially out door theatre.

 The everyman outdoor theatre festival is situated in Sophia Gardens which is near Bute park in the centre of Cardiff. So it was a short walk from the shops a restaurants.

My outfit for the evening It was a really warm evening but I still wasn't ready to get my legs out so I went with  these black trouser from next, embellished grey t-shirt from Topshop and these awesome black heeled boots with gold buckle detailing from Shoe Zone*. 
 When you first head to the festival there is a large marque serving a variety of drinks at good prices supplied from Otley brewing company there is also a stand from the dusty knuckle pizza company serving handmade pizza cooked fresh in their wood fire oven which looked so tempting, great if you don't have time to stop for food before hand.

We soon arrived in our sits and I had a great view. 

(Last two photos credit to Natalie Johnson Rolley)

The show was split in three parts, based on three separate episodes from the season. There was two parts then a twenty minute interval which left time to get a cider and then the final episode.
Each character was portrayed spot on. Especially Blackadder himself, who gave Rowan Atkinson a run for his money. Prince George had his accent covered perfectly and Baldrick was amazing, had the mannerisms done so well.No first night nerves were seen and everything worked so well there was one line slip up which I didn't notice as they covered it up so well and luckily it was pulled of as part of Baldricks character. The stories through the three episodes flowed so well. The third part was one episode I had seen so I enjoyed that the most however they were all spectacular. They had the audience laughing with every other line which is amazing as much of the audience would have heard the jokes on the TV so many times already.
Blackadder was definitely my favourite as he interacted with the audience so well and brought his own personality to the character.
It also followed the original script so closely which was great by the ending was just brilliant and had everyone in hysterics as they found a great way of bringing all the characters together and referencing back to jokes from earlier on in the show as it concluded with Rule Britannia.

Whether you are a massive fan of the show since the beginning or not I'd really recommend it as I am not too familiar with the show and found it so funny. It was a lovely night out especially with the whether being so beautiful.
The Blackadder performances continue until 4th July (Sorry for the delay with this post) but the festival continues until 1st of August with Sweet Charity, Shakespeare's As you like it and Beauty and the beast so those local to Cardiff I recommend this as a wonderful way to spend these beautiful summer evenings. You can find the festival @everymanfest on twitter for more information or visit them here. 

Love Charlotte

*Theatre trinkets and posts from Shoe Zone were both kindly gifted to me for review.