Monday, 8 June 2015

A Fashion Oddity turns two + Bakerdays review - lifestyle post!

Hey Guys,

 Saturday marked two years since my first blog post (which you can view here). So to help me celebrate the guys at kindly sent me a cake to mark A Fashion Oddity's birthday. Baker days is an amazing and unique on-line service that allows you to personalise and design your own cake that is small enough to be delivered through your letterbox, genius right?

It comes in a very small box along with a note card, left-let, bag of candles, balloons and party poppers then a tin with your cake securely packaged. 

I choose this pretty floral design in pinks, purples and yellows that has a gift label on I personalised it with A Fashion Oddity. It looks amazing, I am so happy with the design and it's pretty cool seeing my blog name on a cake. 

They offer a variety of cake flavours including fruit and gluten free but of course I had to go with chocolate. 
I have to be honest the sponge was a little dry for my liking but was still really nice. the chocolate sponge is quite different as my dad who is a massive chocolate over hated it, comparing it to the taste of brownies which he doesn't like. I know exactly what he mean but personally it still tasted amazing. You will all be shocked with me but I am not a big fan of fondant icing, I much prefer butter cream or cream cheese icing however aside from the usual fondant texture which I hate this icing tasted amazing. 
The cake arrived within two days of me placing my order, which is amazing compared to other personalised  cake services that usually need at least 7 days notice. 
So I'd really recommend for any occasion or to treat someone as you could get it delivered to someone else's address. It was an amazing way to celebrate two years of blogging. 
They have kindly given one of you guys the chance to win a personalised cake too. Unfortunately this giveaway is only for U.K and Ireland residents.

 Good Luck guys! 

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The last year has flown by, it doesn't feel like a year since I lasted celebrated a 'blog birthday'. It wasn't until a month after then I reached 100 followers on bloglovin which felt amazing, as I am writing this I just hit 500 (might be another giveaway coming soon for hitting 500 followers let me know what you'd like to see in it) that shows just how much as happened in a year. This year I got my domain so I changed  over from to whihc has felt amazing, I also got my new web design back in January time. 
I haven't posted as much as I'd liked but my photography has improved and the outfit posts I have put out I have been so proud off. My last exam is in two weeks so then over the summer I plan to treat blogging as a full time thing and take it to a more professional level. 
To look back on the last two years of A Fashion Oddity. Here is my most popular post (My inner mermaid) and a few of my favourites. Autumn in my town from Nov 2013 , A paisley skirt on a rainy day Aug 2014,  The last day of summer Sep 2013, Cool Tones style post Jan 2015,  and An unlikely style icon Feb 2015. 

Starting this blog has been one of the best decision I've made. I have learnt so much, made so many friends and had so much fun on photoshoots or at blogger events like Lush Christmas range release  or Coffee with Curry's. I am so grateful to everyone who reads this otherwise I probably would've given up at the start and for all the opportunities I have been given due to my blog.

I hope you have enjoyed reading A Fashion Oddity as much as I have loved writing it.

Love Charlotte

Monday, 1 June 2015

What I got for my birthday 2015 - Haul post

Hey Guys,

This post is going up a bit later than planned as it's the middle of exam season so everything is all over the place. As I promised at the end of my lifestyle post about how I celebrated my birthday (catch up here) here is a look at what I got. 

From my little brother I had the Gossip Girl box set which I had been asking for as its one of my favourite TV shows ever. I know boxsets are getting a bit dated now with everything on netflix but I still like to have physical copies of things. He also got me this 18 candle with a verse on which is so sweet.  

My parents just got me lots of little presents as there was nothing in particular I wanted and most of it  choose myself when out shopping with them.
Here I have a stag ring holder from urban outfitters which is really cool and I am obsessed with rings, my favourite piece of jewellery, some chocolate and two fashion books. The DK fashion book which I have wanted for so long, this photo doesn't do it justice but it is so big and heavy and covers every topic is like the fashion bible and 'Fashion that changed the world' which talks about the most influential models, shows, garments etc that got the press talking and well as its titled changed the world. 

Mum surprised me with this beautiful rose gold bracelet, I love really simple, classy jewellery that is really easy to where like this. It is called 'The tree of life' and the photo doesn't do it justice as it is so delicate, it looks similar to the Mulberry logo actually. I have worn this loads already and I love it so much. 

These were in a sense my main presents. My really wanted to get me a handbag and Floreilli is one of my favourite brands that are in our price range as a slightly more luxury handbag. I adore the colour of this bag, darker berry pinks like this are my favourite even though they are more associated with Autumn. The style is more formal than I would usually go for with a bag but I love it. 
I had always wanted a high end perfume for my 18th and I have been lusting over this for years the smell is very 'grown up' compared to my usual Taylor Swift perfumes and it is feminise without just smelling of only flowers I love it and this will be my treasured perfume for special occasions. 

Next onto clothes. I have this cute 70s yellow crop top from Topshop, a bright orange and purple print play-suit from Tu at sainsburys and a black mini skirt with fawns on from Oh my love London which unfortunately I had to return it because it was too short, when I got it I just grabbed it because I'd never seen something with Bambi on that wasn't a tacky graphic top from Primark. 
Then we have the beautiful floral jacket from River Island and white dress from Miss.Selfirdge which I wore on the day (you can see the full outfit here)

This Pearl pendant from Pilgrim (at ASOS) was from my nan however it was much longer than imagined and you can't adjust the length of the chain so I have since exchanged it for a similar peal necklace from Pilgrim. 
A beautiful Olivia Burton watch from my Grandparents. I emailed her over a list of about 4 watches I loved from Olivia Burton and by the time she went to order it they had sold out so we choose this Big Dial sunbeam Rose gold one however I really didn't want a overly big face so I am not 100% about it. 

From my cousins on my mums side I had this mint green 18 money box and All I know now by Carrie Fletcher who was the first YouTuber I subscribed too and I admire her so much so I am really excited to read this.

My Auntie on my mums side gave me this gift box which is packaged beautifully. it was filled with my favourite chocolate (aside from Cadburys in general), a chalkboard, a purse and a silver necklace with 18 on.

My Auntie on my dads side is taking me to Paris in the Summer which I am so excited about and it;s probably the best present. So she gave me this book and a bottle of champagne which I shared with the girls on my birthday and it was the nicest one I've tried so far but the bottle got thrown out before I could note the name for a re-purchase. 

From my godparents I reived a 18 ring dish and this stunning rose gold necklace, it is so pretty.

My best friend got my a few of my fave ciders, a floral necklace and this cute candle.

Another friend got my this lilac necklace with personalised packaging which is really cute.

I had this silver bracelet from my Auntie and Uncle on my dads side.

The soap and glory birthday box, and some more soap and glory bits from family friends. 

A few other bits from friends were toiletries, nail polishes from Rimmel, spa candle, the last five years on DVD and lots of wine. 

Dad also made this movie night hamper with Maltesers, dairy milk caramel, a couple of berry ciders (if there is one thing you've learnt from this post is that I prefer my drink with berries in it, everything is berry cider or strawberry cava) a candle and two 80's classics Ghost and Dirty Dancing. 

I also had a H&M gift card and a Benefit cosmetics set from my cousin ( I have a lot of cousins) which I love, the shades are beautiful and high end make-up is something I don't buy for myself so it was a really exciting, I will be reviewing it soon I think. 

Finally as an extra from my Auntie I had this personalised wine glass which I love, it is so pretty, I am a sucker for things with my name on and as this was a belated present before had I joked that everyone bought me wine  or cider but I was yet to own a wine or champagne glass to drink from I can now drink with class (jk, I wasn't actually drinking from the bottle) 

As you can see I was truly spoiled this year. 90% of my gifts were either jewellery or wine which is exactly how an 18th should be done right? 
I am so thankful for all my presents (disclaimer this post isn't me showing off I did one last year two and to me it's not much different to a usual haul, I was just so happy with everything I got)

I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Love Charlotte