Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My 18th birthday - Lifestyle Post

Hey Guys,

As you will know if you follow me on Twitter and instagram a fortnight ago it was my 18th birthday (read my post from that day where I looked back on the last 18 years and what they have taught me here) 
I planned to get this post up earlier but my exams started last week so everything has been focused on my exams. 

Of course as for everyone this was a highly anticipated day for me and I wanted everything to be perfect. What I planned wasn't the big princess party that  I had imagined as a little girl but it was a perfect day. 
I got woken up pretty early by my parents who came in with balloons and all my cards then I went out to pop a celebratory champagne for breakfast which was served with croissants and fresh berries. Quite a classy way to start adulthood, starting as I mean to go on haha. 
I thought I'd spare you the photos of me in my PJs for breakfast and opening all my presents. 

After opening all my presents from my family and we got dressed my grandparents arrived around 11am to help me dad complete the finishing touches in the garden for the party later and then we all headed to my local Frankie & Bennys. My Auntie also met us there too.

I also had my first ever legal drink out and ordered a Cosmopolitan. The cocktail menu was a bit daunting with so much choice so I went with a classic that I had already heard off.  Ignore my brother being a creep. 

How beautiful is the wrapping on my present from my grandparents?

I choose to have a chicken and king prawn cream paste which was amazing. 

For desert I had this amazing salted caramel cheesecake which they kindly served with candles and sang happy birthday to me in the usual F&B style followed by Celebrations by Cliff Richard. 

Once we got home it was a big rush to make sure everything was ready before guests started arriving. I was so busy I didn't get as many pictures of the decorations as I would've liked. 

It sounds a bit silly to fill buckets with water and flowers like this but I hope you agree it has a really pretty affect. There was a few of these along the garden path. As well as an old wheelbarrow filled with ice and cans of cider and lager and again decorated with flowers. The the rest of the garden was decorated with paper lanterns and lots of fairy lights. 

We also had a gazebo up with the salads, pastas and plates under which was decorated with bunting. 
Then all the drinks were displayed along this big which bar (pictured above) here is the sangria which I proudly made and gave to most guests. It was so nice and I had more than a few glasses. 
My grandad and Auntie were left in charge of the BBQ while I ran round trying to talk to everyone being a host. I had also made a playlist of my favourite songs from the last 18 years including Gwen Stefani, McFly, Green Day, Justin Timberlake and more current stuff like Sam Smith. 

A very giggly Charl and five of my favourite people. 

With Ffion (who I am sure you all know from ) and Carys from college. 

It sounds a bit silly but we did a piñata. I had a few younger children there who I knew would need entertainment and I thought it would be a good laugh which it definitely was.    

The time had come for roughly 25+ plus to fit in our small lounge and sing happy birthday and let of party poppers. Tipsy Charlotte looks terrified of the sparklers haha.

My cake was red velvet from a bakery and coffee shop in Caerphilly called The Deli (I highly recommend) She did the cream cheese icing but I was left to attempt icing my name on and decorating, it does look like an ammeter did it but ah well it was still the nicest cake I have ever had. 

Here I am at the end of the long day with my parents. 
I had been deliberating whether to go out clubbing after with my friends but not everyone could come because it was a Monday night and because we had family and friends over since 11am I felt like I hadn't spent any time with my mum. So once the BBQ garden party finished around 9pm a few friends stayed a bit longer and we shared another bottle of champagne then my family and I just watched Ghost. I only had two new DVDs for my birthday Ghost and Dirty Dancing. I have seen Dirty Dancing so many times so we all sat down with some wine and more birthday cake and watched that film which was interesting. 
I may come to regret not getting completely smashed on my 18th and not going clubbing after but I can do it loads once exams are over and wanted all of my friends to be able to come. 

I really did have the best day, everything went to plan even the weather stayed on my side. I am so grateful to everyone who came. It was so nice to get everyone from college, church, all my friends and family together. (the only people who were missing were the blogging girls who I am sure we will go out for drinks soon right? Kerry, Charlotte, Charlotte and Jodie )

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments your cocktail recommendations. Also make sure you come back on Friday to see what I got for my birthday. 

Love Charlotte


  1. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a fantastic day! Loving your outfit by the way! Oh and the flowers in buckets are genius!

  2. The croissants and fresh berries for breakfast sounds delightful. I stopped drinking long ago and don't miss it at all. You must have looked cute in the photos of you opening presents in your PJs. The outfit you wore out to Frank and Benny's is very pretty. That white dress is beautiful and so is the floral print on your jacket. I love the photo captioned "A very giggly Charl and five of my favourite people". All six of you look like fabulous fashionistas. Your birthday cake looks like it was yummy. I hope all your Birthday wishes have been coming true. I love the photos.