Monday, 4 May 2015

18 things I learnt in 18 years - Lifestyle

Hey Guys,

Today (tomorrow as I am writing this) is my 18th birthday. I cannot believe its been 18 years it really doesn't feel like it. It is pretty scary that technically my childhood is over. I still am a big kid, I still share a bed with too many teddys and watch disney classics on a regular basis but I also do feel quite grown up, a few of you guys on twitter were shocked to here I was not 18 yet.
Obviously everything I know I have learnt in the last 18 year whether that be the alphabet or about philosophy but I thought I'd share a few random things I've learnt through experiences.

1 - Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth (well I haven't been everywhere on earth yet) - Even for those not into Disney it is a magical experience like no other. I went when I was around 9/10 with my family, grandparents and uncle for his 18th (he went to Disney land and I am having a BBQ on a rainy bank holiday I know) and I have some of my happiest memories from meeting Captain Jack Sparrow to trying my first Ben & Jerry's

2 - You cannot please everyone - this applies to everything but everyone has different tastes and there is never a way to make everyone happy or impress everyone. 

3 - The quote "Never meet your idols as they'll only disappoint" is not true, I recently met All time low my favourite band and it was one of the best nights ever.

4 - Confidence is key - once you start believing in yourself others will too. 

5 - Boys are not as important as my 14 year old self who dreamt her life based on old Taylor Swift songs once thought, in fact they don't matter at all.

6 - Family are a nightmare but they are the most important thing

7 - Saving money is hard 

 8 - It's great (important even) to take photos at every opportunity and keep memories eg. concert tickets. I have grown to become a very sentimental person. 

9 - Put your self first (it is not selfish) - putting your own happiness and health first is so important.

10 - It is important to say YES and take every opportunity given - whether it be going to a book signing or an intern ship just do it! 

11 - Italy is beautiful -I cant remember not loving Italy, I first went when I was very young maybe 6 and I have been two times since. From that first time I imagined studying in Italy and then Marrying an Italian. Even though I have been three times there is still so much of the country I want to see. 

12 - Patience is a virtue, yes its important to say yes and cease the day but you must also be patient with others, you cant expect people to drop what they are doing for you and sometimes life gets in the way.

13 - I am a feminist, this is something I have learnt more and more about over the last few years and it is so important. 

14 - Food is amazing and don't worry about over eating once in awhile. I love food and I love cooking, yes I can over eat but I was lucky as I am one of those annoying people who never seemed to put weight on no matter what they eat (not so much the case any more) 

15 - Friends are the best and should be treasured - I have messed up many friendships over the years but the friends I have now I know are for life and they are the best. 

16 - Don't be so nervous and speak up more. I used to bottle up every single problem and worry I had, I have got slightly better at this but only slightly. Even with my blog though I still get nervous taking about it and my grandparents don't know I do this even though I am proud and know they would be too. 

17 - No one is a better shopping buddy than my mum, she may not know the trends or pick out the nicest clothes but she knows what suits me, what's worth investing in and we always have a great day. 

18 - Finally I have learnt I am not ready to grow up, be an adult or move out to uni (still can't decide where to go, I am so indecisive its one of my worst flaws) 

I hope you have enjoyed this special birthday lifestyle post. Look out for another lifestyle post about my birthday, birthday outfit post and more coming this week. 

I will be posting loads through the day on instagram @afashionoddity and twitter of the same name. 

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Love Charlotte


  1. Ah I hope you had a fantastic birthday! Definitely agree with these, espeically the one about putting yourself first!

  2. Eight days belatedly, happy birthday! I hope your birthday wishes come true. The 18th thing you learnt seems to me to be the most important. I promised myself I would never grow up (from Peter Pan), and despite being very very old - ancient - a fossil even, I am trying hard to keep from growing up mentally. It is the wide fresh eyes of youth, taking in the wonders of life and marveling in them that is part of what makes life wonderful. Though my hair has turned grey I still keep teddy bears on the night table looking at me and keeping me company as I sleep. I never want to think of myself as a "grown up" - or be one. Try to hang on to your mental youth forever if you can and enjoy the precious gift of life and its many wonders. I'm sure you will enjoy Uni while you're there and have fond memories of it long after, as long as you don't let your ability to observe be narrowed by rote memorisation.