Thursday, 16 April 2015

My must have make-up brushes - Beauty

Hey Guys,

Make up brushes are something I only learned about last winter, I can't remember how I applied make up before then but now I love them. I started off with a set from ELF which was from their slightly cheaper range of brushes and I still have a few of them left then I discovered real techniques. I think a good set of brushes are essential for every one who wears make up and these haves.

Here is how I store all if my brushes. Most of bloggers have those laser cut vases from Ikea and I was looking for something to do the same job but a bit more personal and I picked us this purple tinted glass jar from Next last year for only £3.

The base: These are what I use to create a flawless base. 

E.L.F powder brush* - This a soft dense fluffy brush which is the perfect brush for powder and evening everything out. Its smaller than a kabuki brush but bigger than a blush brush so the perfect size for blending everything out at the end of your make-up routine. 
Real Techniques Buffing brush - A classic make-up brush that everyone loves. I used to use this brush for my foundation and still do sometimes but I mainly use this for blusher. It's a dense round brush that's perfect for the apples of your cheek. 
Real Techniques contour brush - I use this for exactly as the name suggests. It is so soft, fluffy and the size is perfect for getting the initial line of contour in the hollows of your cheeks before blending out.
E.LF stippling brush* - This is quite a small and sparse brush that I love to use to apply and blend in my foundation and concealer. 

E.L.F professional defining eye brush - This is a soft angled brush so it's very different to the stiff angled brushes that are used for gel eye-liner. I love this brush for when you want a dark colour in the crease you to do a mess eye-liner look using eye shadow. 
E.L.F professional eye shadow brush - this is a flat circular eye shadow brush which I don;t use as much any more but its great to apply the base colour or when you are only using one eye shadow so less blending out is needed.
E.L.F professional blending eye brush - Now this is my favourite brush. It is so big and fluffy and does the job amazingly. I use this every day for a simple eye look or for heave smoky eyes its just amazing.
Bella pierre cosmetics eye-shadow brush No.35 - I only recently got this and I am really liking it its very similar to the E.L.F eye-shadow brush in the circular shape but its a lot denser so its great for applying heaver colour.

The professional brush range from E.L.F is the slightly cheaper range and all of these came in at just under £2 amazing for eye shadow brushes terrible for anything else the other brushes from E.L.F are from their more premium range and cost just under £4 and I don't like the eye brushes from this range.
I understand E.L.F is closing in the U.K which I am so sad and annoyed about and maybe I should have got this post up a lot earlier but I wasn't to know about E.L.F closing before hand. I know Make-up revolution have just brought out a similar looking range of brushes at the same price range so if you are in the U.K that might be worth a look.

 I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Love Charlotte

*All items marked with an * have been gifted to me for review purposes. 

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  1. Hi Charlotte,

    How are you? Hope you're well and thank you so much for sharing your make up brushes with us!

    I'm using the Real Technique brush set too and also have a sponge from Nanshy. I'm so glad the times of clumsy make up application (aka using your fingertips) have gone. I must have looked so weird haha :) Shame that Elf are no longer available in the UK. Hope you're well and we'll speak soon xx

    Caz | Lunch Break Adventures