Thursday, 23 April 2015

Blue overload - Style post!

Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven't been posting regularly at the moment, I've got a lot going on. 

Top - Republic 
Jeans - Waven 
Belt - Primark
Wedges - Next kids

Both denim and 70s have been everywhere recently and will be here for a long time. I originally wasn't too keen on the 70s floral patterns and flares but I have been obsessed recently and finding lots of ways to add a subtle 70s touch to my outfits. 
These jeans are certainly not flares but compared to my usual skinny jeans they feel like flares on. Blue stripes add to the denim of this outfit and the bright sunflowers along with the crochet shoulders add to the 70s. Finally the shoes, I wasn't sure these would work. I have had these years, I even think they were my first wedges/heels after my dancing shoes and I used to wear them loads in the summer and feel really grown up but with denim and wedges both being so big this season I thought why not and I really liked them. I really want a pair of tan leather wedges now though too. 
Also I've been experimenting with blue eye shadow more and you should all try it, coloured eye shadow is not scary guys. 

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post! Let me know what S/S trend who've been inspired by most so far? 

Love Charlotte

Thursday, 16 April 2015

My must have make-up brushes - Beauty

Hey Guys,

Make up brushes are something I only learned about last winter, I can't remember how I applied make up before then but now I love them. I started off with a set from ELF which was from their slightly cheaper range of brushes and I still have a few of them left then I discovered real techniques. I think a good set of brushes are essential for every one who wears make up and these haves.

Here is how I store all if my brushes. Most of bloggers have those laser cut vases from Ikea and I was looking for something to do the same job but a bit more personal and I picked us this purple tinted glass jar from Next last year for only £3.

The base: These are what I use to create a flawless base. 

E.L.F powder brush* - This a soft dense fluffy brush which is the perfect brush for powder and evening everything out. Its smaller than a kabuki brush but bigger than a blush brush so the perfect size for blending everything out at the end of your make-up routine. 
Real Techniques Buffing brush - A classic make-up brush that everyone loves. I used to use this brush for my foundation and still do sometimes but I mainly use this for blusher. It's a dense round brush that's perfect for the apples of your cheek. 
Real Techniques contour brush - I use this for exactly as the name suggests. It is so soft, fluffy and the size is perfect for getting the initial line of contour in the hollows of your cheeks before blending out.
E.LF stippling brush* - This is quite a small and sparse brush that I love to use to apply and blend in my foundation and concealer. 

E.L.F professional defining eye brush - This is a soft angled brush so it's very different to the stiff angled brushes that are used for gel eye-liner. I love this brush for when you want a dark colour in the crease you to do a mess eye-liner look using eye shadow. 
E.L.F professional eye shadow brush - this is a flat circular eye shadow brush which I don;t use as much any more but its great to apply the base colour or when you are only using one eye shadow so less blending out is needed.
E.L.F professional blending eye brush - Now this is my favourite brush. It is so big and fluffy and does the job amazingly. I use this every day for a simple eye look or for heave smoky eyes its just amazing.
Bella pierre cosmetics eye-shadow brush No.35 - I only recently got this and I am really liking it its very similar to the E.L.F eye-shadow brush in the circular shape but its a lot denser so its great for applying heaver colour.

The professional brush range from E.L.F is the slightly cheaper range and all of these came in at just under £2 amazing for eye shadow brushes terrible for anything else the other brushes from E.L.F are from their more premium range and cost just under £4 and I don't like the eye brushes from this range.
I understand E.L.F is closing in the U.K which I am so sad and annoyed about and maybe I should have got this post up a lot earlier but I wasn't to know about E.L.F closing before hand. I know Make-up revolution have just brought out a similar looking range of brushes at the same price range so if you are in the U.K that might be worth a look.

 I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Love Charlotte

*All items marked with an * have been gifted to me for review purposes. 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

March Favourites 2015 - Lifestyle

Hey Guys,

March has been an amazing month for me. We had mothers day, my mum and best friends birthday. 
As usual I have a few favourite products and some highlights of the month to talk about. 

The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force - Fleur was the first beauty YouTuber I watched and getting 1 Million subscribers didn't change her at all, she is still one of my favourite YouTuber's and I was actually pretty excited to get this book. It just looks beautiful on the shelf and the illustrations and photography throughout is amazing. I think the content is varied and suitable for all ages. What's brilliant about this is you don't need to be a fan of Fleur to read this she doesn't once talk about her self. It is quite similar to the goddess guide in what it covers and the kind of tips she has writtne about. It covers beauty, fashion, travel and health. The last chapter is a bit different as it covers YouTube equipment and career advice. Its such a beautiful book to have on your bookshelf and its easy to read and come back to when ever you want. 

Bobbi Brown eye shadow cream in the shade Pink Sparkle - This has been my must have this month. It's so easy and quick to apply in a rush and you get a beautiful spring pink rose gold colour in one swipe over your eye. It's great for travelling too (I've often had to do my make-up on the train. It is such a pretty colour and I also use it as a cream blush sometimes. 

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 101 - This is my must have everyday lipstick which I'm sure I've spoken about many times before. Its a perfect my lips but better colour and I take this everywhere with me. 
Revlon - When I want to change up my lipstick I usually apply this liquid lipstick over the top for a more bubblegum colour which is perfect for spring and it adds gloss for a more formal/full face of make-up look. 

Bristol Fashion Week - As you would've seen in my last post ( here) I recently was lucky enough to attend Bristol fashion week. I got the short train ride to Bristol parkway station then my friend Caz from picked me up and we travelled to The Mall rushed to pick up our tickets a bit late and arrived at the fashion tent. 
We you first arrive it is set out like an airport and the opening foyer was serving refreshments supplied by M&S which meant lovely smoothies and juices. Then when we found a seat in the main hall we had the programme for the show and the 'passport' which was full  of vouchers.
The show opened with the denim scene from M&S then the presenters came on. Mark Heyes from ITVs Lorraine and Lucy Watson from Made in Chelsea whom I both love. It followed this structure as in-between the set of each trend they would come on and talk about the clothes, inspiration etc. Mark was amazing, so lively and entertaining however Lucy wasn't as enthusiastic and didn't seem as though she wanted to be there however they could just be her personality. 
Each scene was different, the same group of models came on all dressed in outfits following a different S/S trend supplied by different brands alonside different music and set. They made it different to other fashion shows (I assume, this was my first) as in some shows the models danced and put on  a performance which kept it interesting although some of the choreography was quite cringe. 

Affter the main show we went into the mall to pick up our goodie bags and had a some lunch in Pret. I oppted for my favourite smoked salmon and cream cheese roll. Then we headed back outside to shoot eachothers outfit photos. 
At 2pm I said my goodbyes to Caz and made my way back into the fashion tent for the 'So you think you want to work in Fashion - Q+A'. There was a panel of industry experts (as you an see in the above photo). Everyone had already sent off any questions before the event so it was very organised. Mark and Lucy hosted again although there were a few questions for himself too. I found it so useful and was writing notes constantly. They covered so many topics from qualifications, skills, what work experience is relevant, how is blogging viewed etc. You really got to know these inspiring people and they were great characters too. It really got me motivated to find some work experience before I start university this summer. After  the show a few of them came out in the foyer to chat which was great for any more personal questions or trading business cards. 

I am a big fan of Mark's on TV and even more so after meeting him. 

All Time Low - As I am sure you all know by now All Time Low are my favorite band so this is definitely not a new favorite. After being a fan for around 6 years last month I got to see them live for the first time which was just amazing. Then with the new album (which came out today) Future hearts they were releasing singles which I have been listing too on repeat through all of March. Not long after tour they announced a UK signing tour with select cities having an acoustic gig too. Cardiff was one of those lucky cities. On the day we started queuing around 3pm (it started at 5pm) so it wasn't too long a wait then of course it was a late start. When we finally got let in I went a bit mental. We made our way up to the second floor where we saw loads of people already sat on the floor in front of the acoustic set up. I was the first row of people to be standing up which meet I had one of the best views in the room. When the guys walked in the atmosphere was surreal. They only had time for four songs due to the late start but we had 'Weightless', 'Dammed if I do ya' and two new ones which were 'Something's gotta give' and 'Kids in the dark' which were amazing. I've uploaded my recording of 'Weightless' to my Youtube (watch here) Then we were sent upstairs in groups of ten to queue briefly to meet them. I am not shy to admit how nervous I was. However HMV were really harsh we were told not to have our phones out upstairs and they rushed us a lot. When it came to our turn you gave your slip case tot heir manager who was stood at the end of the table and it was passed down to the guys to sign and you picked it up at the end. First up was Jack and it was just surreal seeing them up that close he was the most enthusiastic as expected he was smiling at me, gave me a high five and said high, then Rian was lovely, gave me a high five too (long story short I had a high five from them all) I was really awkward though as I said 'Nice to meet you' very casually like as if I wasn't really bothered by meeting them. Then came Alex who was just as lovely as I'd expected he said Hi then I had a letter to give him so I awkwardly asked 'Can I give you this?' He laughed and took it with the biggest smile (I really hope he has read it, I know it's a bit sad to write your fave celeb fan mail but I knew we wouldn't get to talk to them properly). Zack didn't really say anything but that was expected. I was just so happy (you'll be pleased to hear I didn't cry) It was everything I expected which is amazing. People often say 'Don't meet your idols they'll just disappoint you' because you've worshipped them for so long but that wasn't the case at all. Now I can't wait to get the new album.

Oh iphone quality how I love you! 

Sorry this post has been so long. I have just been so excited and passionate about the things that happened this month.

Let me know in the comments what your March favourite was and I hope you all had an amazing Easter. 

Love Charlotte