Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Maenllwyd Inn review - Lifestyle

Hey Guys,

I've got something a bit different for today's post. Every one knows I love food but I'm yet to post about it so I am looking forward to hopefully sharing some recipes and my favourite restaurants with you all. 
The Maenllwyd Inn is a beautiful higher end pup situated in Rudry which is just outside Caerphilly. We have always loved the Maenllwyd but a few years ago it was bought by chain pup company Chef & Brewer so we hadn't bothered going for awhile. Then last Sunday my grandparents came down for Sunday Lunch only though only my mum actually had a roast. 

We began with a seafood platter to share (it may not look like much but I didn't manage to get a photo before my family tucked in) - the presentation is great and there was a big of everything from smoked salmon pate with bread, king prawns, fried prawns and whitebait. It was a seafood lovers dream plus unlike most starters I didn't begin to feel full already before my main.

For my main I ordered the BBQ pulled pork and steak burger which was amazing. The steak meat was such high quality. When they come with the onion rings included its always a plus. My one complaint was the chips were cold and could have been cooked a bit longer. 
throughout the month of February they had a Game Festival on with a special menu of game meat so my gran had the game pie, grandad had the guinea fowl (not sure how its spelt), my brother had the duck and dad had the game mixed grill which I tasted most of and it was amazing. 

My mums lemon and raspberry cheesecake....looks beautiful?

My dad had this cookie dough ice cream which came served in this adorable fashion.

And finally my amazing dessert I had the chocolate berry compote which was amazing very rich but so good! It came with shortbread fingers but I was naughty and ordered an extra side of the cookie dough ice cream. The only downside? This was the limited edition dessert as part of the game festival menu. 

We had an fantastic meal in a beautiful setting (I will try and get photos of the restaurant next time I review somewhere) It was fine pup dinning with everything on the menu from burgers to duck, shepherds pie to risotto. It really is worth a visit.

I hope you enjoyed this post let me know what you think about a few food related posts on here again. 

Love Charlotte


  1. It's great isn't it :) We've been going for years too :) From what I understand, it's always been Chef & Brewer, but what happened like, 4 years ago, C&B decided they wanted all their pubs/restaurants to serve the same food, so despite the Maenllwyd doing amazingly with their specials, and the reason people made the trek there, they wanted them to stop and serve the same food as their other places :/ So sad, I only ever used to order their homemade specials... seems they're doing well again though :)

  2. Yep! Oh right intersting, possibly yeah it seems to have lost the touch of it not being a chain I guess.
    Yeah x