Tuesday, 3 March 2015

February Favourites 2015

Hey Guys,

I haven't done a favourites post since my first back in November. these are probably going to happen everything other month hopefully. 
Anyway February has been a busy and positive month for me. 

My first favourite this month would be this skirt from new look (which you can see in this outfit post) I've been wearing it so much this month. I also picked up this statement necklace from new look it was only £3 at the end of the sale I again have been wearing this so much with a jumper and my leather jacket. 
I only have one beauty favourite this month as I haven't really tried any new make-up but I did need a new moisturiser, I only chose this one as it was half price in super-drug so it was only £1.98. It is   Garnier moisture match aimed at normal to dry skin. each one in the range is different colour for different ingredients such as the green has alo-vera in it however its unclear why the normal to dry skin is. I am really loving it as a moisturiser and its really helped my skin clear up. 
I had the big bang theory series 1-5 boxset for my birthday last year so thought it's about time I start watching it properly. I used to watch it a lot with my ex over his and became obsessed with Penny, Leonard and Sheldon but boy does Howard put me off ever watching it. When going though the boxset I had already seen the majority of season 1 and three and today I just started season 4. Another TV favourite has been soaps (I love soaps so much it's worrying) but mainly Eastenders which is the main soap in the UK and it was he 30th anniversy so we had a love week and big  whodoneit reveal which was so good. I nearly guessed it right I assume if you care you know by now who it was so I'm not worried about spoilers. I guessed Jane and it was her to an extent so hey ho! I didn't care for the character who had died so I was much more interested it the other storylines going on but it was insane live acting and filming and yes I cried when Cindy read out Lucy's last letter. More recently I've been love Home and Away (like eastenders I always love this show but the current story needed a mention) which is a forgotten soap in the UK everyone knows about neighbours the boring Aussie soap but Home and Away is insane the current story's have all been so good there is so much going on and we just had a three way crash with pretty much every important character involved and it's been creating so much tension with the people to blame and injured characters falling in love with the wrong characters it's been so great at the moment if you loved the eastenders so the high quality soap acting I actually think Home and Away has been even better by a mile. Let me know in the comments if you do watch it? 
Music wise I have had both Taylor Swift my Queens 1989 and You Me At Six's Cavalier youth on repeat this month. Very different albums but I have been plesently surprised by both after Red and when she released Shake it off I had low expectations but its actually insanely good. I hadn't really listened to YMAS's latest album but after a few songs got in my head I took time to sit down and listen to it properly and my favourites are Be who you are, room to breathe and cold night I think but it's slowly becoming my favourite YMAS album for fan who bought it a while after it came out. 

Its been a busy month and my highlights are going to see two of my favourite bands live for the first time. It was All time low and you me at six on their co-headline UK tour and honestly the best night of my life. The other Saturday I got to meet Jodie and we spent the a shopping in Cardiff together, it was great, so glad I got to meet Jodie (her is her blog) and I picked up some great bargains from the end of the Zara sale. Then we headed to Boots for the Smashbox and Bumble + Bumble event which was great, I need their new double exposure palette. It was so nice to spend the evening with Charlotte, Charlotte, Kerry, Jodie and Hannah. I also went out for Sunday dinner with my grandparent last week which was so nice (restaurant review coming soon) finally I spend this weekend down in Falmouth, Cornwall  as I had a university interview. We stayed in the Best Western and after my interview we went round the shops in Falmouth which is always wonderful and went out to a little Italian restaurant and cocktail bar where the food was insane. It was such a great weekend and I really do love it down in Falmouth.

I hope you all had a great month and I am looking forward to March its another busy month for me.

Love Charlotte


  1. Love that necklace!! I saw you me at six in Cardiff, they were incredible!! Xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

  2. The newlook skirt looks gorgeous x


  3. I love garnier products - I'm a big fan of their face washes. Great music choices. I haven't watched Home & Away in so long. I used to love it I wish I still had the time to watch it.

    I'm still a little on the fence with Taylor's new album, but I think I just need to listen to it more but YMAS I love their album, I completely agree with Room to Breathe, It's my favourite on the album, actually probably one of my favourite songs by them anyway, I also love opposites attract and crash among many many others.

    I went to that tour too, but the manchester date - completely gutted I was running late and missed ATLs first two songs. But both bands we're amazing. I'm seeing ATL this coming friday in wembley too, you should get their albums if you don't already have them.

    Hayley \\ City&Code

  4. Thanks! Ah Abi awesome, are you going to ATL signing next week or are you only a fan of YMAS? xxx

  5. Thank you, it really is x

  6. Thanks so much for your amazing long comment. Yeah soaps are so time consuming.
    Yeah it might grow on you, it did with me I really love it and its one of my favourites from her now the only thing it's missing is acoustics and the lyrics don't quite tell a story in the same way.
    My favourites have changed since writing this I am now obsessed with Be who you are and Carpe Diem haha! Yes I cried on tour when the played fireworks then crash straight after each other.
    Ah awesome. Ah that sucks ( I queued for awhile then my friend who works at the area let us in just after meet and great people so I was one behind the barrier for ATL - you must have missed A love like war which was an insane opening)
    Ah wow lucky I tried and missed out on getting Wembley tickets (of course I have everyone I didnt mention it in this particular post but ATL are my favourites). Are you going to a signing next week? xxxx

  7. You're welcome. Music brings out the long comments in me :) Did you hear Josh sang Outlines with ATL at the wembley gig last week? Was such an amazing gig. thankfully they opened with a love like war this time too. It was awesome. We came in after the first support had finished but managed to get to the about 3rd row. No I couldn't go to any of the signings, I had to work. did you go??


  8. No, I like ATL aswell, i didn't know about their signing, but I was in work anyway. I saw everyone queueing! xx