Monday, 30 March 2015

My inner mermaid - Style post!


Last week I was lucky enough to go to Bristol Fashion Week (find out more about BFW in a post later this week) and I got to meet my friend Caroline from ( It was such a beautiful day although quite windy so taking outfit pictures in between shows was trickier than expected as you can tell from my messy hair an squinting expressions. 

Jacket: Select
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: New Look

I got this beautiful skirt last month at the end of Zara's sale when I was shopping with Jodie ( ) and it was down to £5,99 which is an insane bargain for Zara and it is just so beautiful. It has a metallic feel to it but is so beautifully made and structured too. Please tell me I'm not the only one who think it looks like a mermaids tail? I teamed it with this white crop top which has a sheer halter neck and some cute black heels (bad idea for FW and commuting on two trains). I just felt so confident in this outfit and loved it. I am always told I should wear blue more because of my blue eyes and complexion and I will definitely be wearing this skirt a lot over the next few months. 

Love Charlotte

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Pink and blue checks with leather - Style post

Hey Guys,

A autumn look for a spring outfit post...yep!

Jacket: Select
Shirt: Clothes Minded 
Jeans: Next
Necklace: New Look

Not very spring I know. Currently the weather as been very transitional no winter coats needed but boy its still cold out. 
I love this shirt from Clothes Minded the colours are my favourite and I'm not normally one for blouses or shirts but I really love this one and it goes so well with my usual attire of jeans and my leather jacket. Clothes minded's clothes is such great value for money and they quality is amazing for the ridiculous £4 price tag (can't find it on site now)
I picked up these brogues when I was away in Cornwall the other week for the bargain sale price of £5, they do rub and are not very comfy but I love the colour and studded detailing.
I think the statement necklace and leather jacket finish this outfit off very well and its perfect from a more dressed approach to college rather than my usual leggings and jumper yet still feeling so comfy and myself. 
Ffion and I have been trying to make better use of our beautiful surroundings here so we took these shoots in the parks surrounding Caerphilly Castle.

Love Charlotte

Sunday, 22 March 2015

My DVD collection - Lifestyle

Hey Guys,

I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite films. I don't own many DVDs well compared to my CD collection which consists over 70+. So I'm just gonna share with you the majority of my DVD collection and my favourites but there are a lot of films I love that I don't own yet.

My favourites out of all the ones I own - Edward Scissorhands - This is arguably my all time favourite film. I love cheesy romances and I love Tim Burton films so this is everything. I only saw it for the first time about two years ago on a movie day with my best friends and I went home asked my dad about it and I had it for Christmas the next month and I've watched it so many times and I still tear up towards the end. 
The Nightmare before Christmas - For any Tim Burton fan I think this is self explanatory, I can watch it all year. I love the songs, the animation and the story. I just find it so funny and I don't feel like I'm watching a kids film. Who isn't obsessed with Jack and Sally?
The Great Gatsby - I saw this with my friends in the cinema when it first came out knowing nothing about it I had no I what to expect apart from amazing costumes. I was just mesmerised (expected from a Luhrman film) I feel in love with Gatsby and trying to work out what was going on. You really feel for the characters and became a part of the story as you hated Tom and wanted to see Daisy and Gatsby together. I don't know anyone whose seen it and didn't enjoy this film. 
Tangled - This isn't necessarily my all time favourite Disney film as that changes all the time but I only own a few and this one I never tire of. I just love Flynn Ryder, their relationship and the songs (especially I see the light). For me this was the first 'Modern' Disney film that I love in the same way as the classic Disney films the only difference being the animation style and Flynn being the only love interest who is sarcastic and questions her singing. Another thing I love about this film is no matter how many times I watch it I still feel shocked or nervous for the characters at certain points in the story. 
Easy A - It's your standard crappy rom-com but this is my favourite out of them all. The storyline is predictable and a bit ridiculous (high school is not like that) but it is so funny (I hardly ever actually laugh out loud at film or TV) and the characters are so lovable. This was Emma Stones first big role (I think) and I fell in love with her. The character Olive is just brilliant not your stereotypical rom-com main lead, her family are so funny, there's plenty of 80s movie references and Dan from Gossip Girl is the love interest so what's not to love. 
The Notebook - I am not even sorry for putting this film here. I just love the story of this (book review here) but Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were just amazing in this ( I didn't realise they were together at the time in real life) it is such a beautiful love story and yes I cry every time. Who doesn't?

Mean Girls - Such a classic film! Might be a shocker that its not my favourite of this genre but I can still quote it so well and it makes me laugh. Growing up you were either a Lindsay Lohan fan or Hilary Duff so take a guess as to who I favoured. 
Pitch Pefect - Again this was a present and I actually don't love this. I love Fat Amy's character in this (although still think she was over hyped) and Anna Kendricks character. I also loved the references to 80s rom-coms (similar to those in easy A) but apart from this I didn't enjoy it really the songs were annoying and the everything else was annoying. For a teen pop musical I'd much rather old glee haha. 
Crazy Stupid Love - This is so funny, I really enjoyed Steve Carells character (as usual) in this.I think like most of us the real highlight is Ryan Goslings character, notably towards the end when he is shirtless and doing the dirty dancing move (I am trying to make it clear which scenes I'm describing without giving the stories away). I think the love triangle with the babysitter is predictable but still funny but if it wasn't for Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone I wouldn't watch it repeatedly.
The fault in our stars - I loved the book (book review here) and I loved the film too. It makes me cry every time and I just love it. I saw it in the cinema last year with my friends and I just loved it. I mean they left out some of my favourite quotes and the casting wasn't how I imagined but apart from that I loved this film and can watch it over and over again. 

Romeo and Juliet - I haven't seen this since we watched it in year 9 English which was a very long time ago but I mentioned to dad about how good I remember it being and I love Baz Lurham so I found it in my stocking this Christmas, yet to watch it again though. 
Sweeny Todd - I've always loved Johnny Depp but as a kid I only saw pirates of the Caribbean films so I'm on a mission to go through and watch all of his. Dad also got my this for Christmas and we watched it was amazing. So much better than I expected, I kinda wanted a slightly different/ nicer ending but it was so good. This songs and all the characters were amazing. Can't wait to watch it again. 
Perks of being a wallflower - this is another one that I read the book  (book review here) first then saw the film! The book is one of my all time favourite books I just think it's so beautifully written. I enjoyed the film but it's no where near as good as the book! The character portal is amazing and it is such an enjoyable film that gets really intense at times and I really recommend it. 
Whip it - I used to be obsessed with this film. It was directed by Drew Barrymore and stars Ellen Page. It's so different to the usual films I watched as a young teenager. I just love the style and music of this film and just thought the whole roller derby was so cool. I thought all the girls were so cool and I wanted to be them. I loved the love interest but I also love the twist with that and it's just such a great easy watch girlie film with a difference. 

The Lucky one - I saw this in the cinema and loved it and then watched it on DVD again with mum. It's predictable and your typical Nicholas Sparks but I love it. Of course I loved Zac Effron in this but it was just a beautiful film with some really intense sense that left me and mum on the edge of our seats (even though I'd already seen it) 
Dear John - again your typical Nicholas Sparks but I think this was the first of his films I saw and I just love the acting in this. Watching them fall in love over two weeks is beautiful. It is a beautiful love story but everytime I hate the ending and get so annoyed with it. 

If you know me well you'll know I love Disney so I'm a little disappointed about how there's only 2 Disney Classic DVDs here! 
Peter Pan (DVD with the second film, return to never land) - my favourite Disney film (well my favourite non-princess film) I just love all the characters and the story! I loved it as a kid and after seeing Finding Neverland (Johnny Depp again) I just loved the story behind Peter Pan and J.M Barrie's inspiration. The whole imaginary world and the idea of this boy who never grows old I just love!! There are some beautiful quotes in this movie too and I just watch it and feel like a little kid again!! 
The little mermaid - Self explanatory right? Who doesn't love Ariel! I just love this movie! I think it has some of the best Disney songs and before we were graced with Flynn Ryder Prince Eric was my favourite. 
Frozen - I'm not even sure why I have this on DVD! I've seen it once and ugh!
Alice in wonderland (Tim Burton remake) - I was given this because I love Disney and Tim Burton but the first time I saw it I absolute hated it!! I didn't realise it was based on the second book by Lewis Carol so I just hated all the changes and didn't understand it with the fight at the end but I recently re-watched it and really  enjoyed it. The portrayal of the queen of hearts and the mad hater is insane. The costumes and everything about this film is amazing too. 

So that's my narrowed down DVD collection (I recently found a few that I are technically mine but they are up in the loft never watched, things like Ella Enchanted (my childhood), Wild Child and loads of Olsen sister films I do love but they kinda pass my mind and obviously there's loads of films that I adore but don't own yet so it's not 100% my top films. Let me know if you love any of the films I've talked about in the comments and we'll talk about films, also recommend me films you think I'd enjoy based on the above. Oh and I apologise for the terrible "reviews" most of these I probably haven't watched in so long so I can't even remember character names and things so I'm just stating that I like the film rather than reviewing them. 

Hope you enjoyed this different post! Let me know if you'd like something similar with music (not all 72 CDs maybe talking about artists or something?) 

Love Charlotte

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Spring is here! - Style post

Hey Guys,

We are well into March and I am finally looking forward to Spring, maybe not quite ready to say good bye to my berry tones and leather jackets. I love transition clothes though, clothes that help us through the awkward weeks in between seasons (it means we still need our leather jackets for awhile). Yesterday the sun made an appearance and injected some colour into my outfit for the first time in a while.
Also some of you may notice (hugs to you) that I've had a hair cut, quite a big chop but I'm not loving it so unlike last time where I was so in love I dedicated a blog post to it (here) I'm trying to move on.





Dress: New Look (Jan sale can't find on-line)
Jacket: H&M Kids (old)
Tights: Unknown 

As you know I'm not one for a floral but I still like feminine prints so I am loving the paisley prints around at the moment. We all know how big denim is going to be this season and I was so glad i kept this jacket from the kids section because it's such a pretty colour and its a bit different to a normal denim. I also think these grey tights are a bit different, no one wears grey tights and I understand why but these just work personally. I love the fit of this dress its officially a smock dress which is why I wish I'd got it in the next size up for the full effect. It's also a very thin fabric which is why I was so surprised to see it in the January sale because its a spring piece to me. 

Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments and what your top tips are on outfit posts if you are also a style blogger because I'm really trying to improve them and how often I manage to get them up for you. 

Love Charlotte

P.S I'm nearly at 500 bloglovin followers so if this is your first time on A Fashion Oddity, I hope you've enjoyed and yo'd like to follow. I am planning a great giveaway too, thanks. x

Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Maenllwyd Inn review - Lifestyle

Hey Guys,

I've got something a bit different for today's post. Every one knows I love food but I'm yet to post about it so I am looking forward to hopefully sharing some recipes and my favourite restaurants with you all. 
The Maenllwyd Inn is a beautiful higher end pup situated in Rudry which is just outside Caerphilly. We have always loved the Maenllwyd but a few years ago it was bought by chain pup company Chef & Brewer so we hadn't bothered going for awhile. Then last Sunday my grandparents came down for Sunday Lunch only though only my mum actually had a roast. 

We began with a seafood platter to share (it may not look like much but I didn't manage to get a photo before my family tucked in) - the presentation is great and there was a big of everything from smoked salmon pate with bread, king prawns, fried prawns and whitebait. It was a seafood lovers dream plus unlike most starters I didn't begin to feel full already before my main.

For my main I ordered the BBQ pulled pork and steak burger which was amazing. The steak meat was such high quality. When they come with the onion rings included its always a plus. My one complaint was the chips were cold and could have been cooked a bit longer. 
throughout the month of February they had a Game Festival on with a special menu of game meat so my gran had the game pie, grandad had the guinea fowl (not sure how its spelt), my brother had the duck and dad had the game mixed grill which I tasted most of and it was amazing. 

My mums lemon and raspberry cheesecake....looks beautiful?

My dad had this cookie dough ice cream which came served in this adorable fashion.

And finally my amazing dessert I had the chocolate berry compote which was amazing very rich but so good! It came with shortbread fingers but I was naughty and ordered an extra side of the cookie dough ice cream. The only downside? This was the limited edition dessert as part of the game festival menu. 

We had an fantastic meal in a beautiful setting (I will try and get photos of the restaurant next time I review somewhere) It was fine pup dinning with everything on the menu from burgers to duck, shepherds pie to risotto. It really is worth a visit.

I hope you enjoyed this post let me know what you think about a few food related posts on here again. 

Love Charlotte

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

February Favourites 2015

Hey Guys,

I haven't done a favourites post since my first back in November. these are probably going to happen everything other month hopefully. 
Anyway February has been a busy and positive month for me. 

My first favourite this month would be this skirt from new look (which you can see in this outfit post) I've been wearing it so much this month. I also picked up this statement necklace from new look it was only £3 at the end of the sale I again have been wearing this so much with a jumper and my leather jacket. 
I only have one beauty favourite this month as I haven't really tried any new make-up but I did need a new moisturiser, I only chose this one as it was half price in super-drug so it was only £1.98. It is   Garnier moisture match aimed at normal to dry skin. each one in the range is different colour for different ingredients such as the green has alo-vera in it however its unclear why the normal to dry skin is. I am really loving it as a moisturiser and its really helped my skin clear up. 
I had the big bang theory series 1-5 boxset for my birthday last year so thought it's about time I start watching it properly. I used to watch it a lot with my ex over his and became obsessed with Penny, Leonard and Sheldon but boy does Howard put me off ever watching it. When going though the boxset I had already seen the majority of season 1 and three and today I just started season 4. Another TV favourite has been soaps (I love soaps so much it's worrying) but mainly Eastenders which is the main soap in the UK and it was he 30th anniversy so we had a love week and big  whodoneit reveal which was so good. I nearly guessed it right I assume if you care you know by now who it was so I'm not worried about spoilers. I guessed Jane and it was her to an extent so hey ho! I didn't care for the character who had died so I was much more interested it the other storylines going on but it was insane live acting and filming and yes I cried when Cindy read out Lucy's last letter. More recently I've been love Home and Away (like eastenders I always love this show but the current story needed a mention) which is a forgotten soap in the UK everyone knows about neighbours the boring Aussie soap but Home and Away is insane the current story's have all been so good there is so much going on and we just had a three way crash with pretty much every important character involved and it's been creating so much tension with the people to blame and injured characters falling in love with the wrong characters it's been so great at the moment if you loved the eastenders so the high quality soap acting I actually think Home and Away has been even better by a mile. Let me know in the comments if you do watch it? 
Music wise I have had both Taylor Swift my Queens 1989 and You Me At Six's Cavalier youth on repeat this month. Very different albums but I have been plesently surprised by both after Red and when she released Shake it off I had low expectations but its actually insanely good. I hadn't really listened to YMAS's latest album but after a few songs got in my head I took time to sit down and listen to it properly and my favourites are Be who you are, room to breathe and cold night I think but it's slowly becoming my favourite YMAS album for fan who bought it a while after it came out. 

Its been a busy month and my highlights are going to see two of my favourite bands live for the first time. It was All time low and you me at six on their co-headline UK tour and honestly the best night of my life. The other Saturday I got to meet Jodie and we spent the a shopping in Cardiff together, it was great, so glad I got to meet Jodie (her is her blog) and I picked up some great bargains from the end of the Zara sale. Then we headed to Boots for the Smashbox and Bumble + Bumble event which was great, I need their new double exposure palette. It was so nice to spend the evening with Charlotte, Charlotte, Kerry, Jodie and Hannah. I also went out for Sunday dinner with my grandparent last week which was so nice (restaurant review coming soon) finally I spend this weekend down in Falmouth, Cornwall  as I had a university interview. We stayed in the Best Western and after my interview we went round the shops in Falmouth which is always wonderful and went out to a little Italian restaurant and cocktail bar where the food was insane. It was such a great weekend and I really do love it down in Falmouth.

I hope you all had a great month and I am looking forward to March its another busy month for me.

Love Charlotte